Shopping: The Smarter Way

Disclaimer: Affiliate marketing post ahead! This post serves as my entry to the ShopBack Blogging Contest.

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

There is no denying that blogging is tough. It is painstaking, and it does not pay that much. Blogging is not just about creating content but building a brand. It is a way for me to express my opinion and give value to my readers. After all, you would not read my post if it does not teach you something or, at least, entertain you. 

Following a dream is not a walk in the park. With the $69.45 that I get from Patreon, how do I manage to keep the ball rolling? How do I manage to pay the bills and finance my writing? How do I buy the groceries and at the same time buy stuff that I could write?

Before anything else, I am raffling off a writing course from Udemy when I reach my Patreon goal for March. It was one of the first investments I made when I was still a budding writer. Please subscribe to my Patreon for a chance to join the raffle. 

For as low as $1 a month, you get to access tons of bonus content and behind the scenes. You get the power to choose what you want to see here on the blog. For the same price as a pack of gum, you are making all the difference for us.

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Now, let us dive in!

Frankly, I do not know either. What I do know is that I have to manage my money well. I have to make every peso count; I save every peso I can. I use every strategy I could to manage my finances. I have a long-term low-risk investment and a high-risk investment. I have other low-income streams, and I oversee my credit well. I save 20% of my monthly income, and I always track my spending.

One tool that helps me get the most from my purchases is ShopBack

ShopBack is a cashback rewards program in Asia. With an ongoing pandemic, e-commerce is at an all-time high. Online shoppers can receive a percentage of their purchases through the platform. With partnerships with over 1,300 brands, ShopBack is indeed the smarter way. Available in nine countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, and Australia. 

It is simple as 1-2-3, download the ShopBack app, register, and begin shopping!

I use ShopBack to make reservations via, buy online courses in Udemy, and order food via Foodpanda. I also use it to shop for books and clothes in Lazada or Zalora. They also offer coupons and vouchers to give you an exceptional shopping experience. To top it off, they also give you free money when you sign up for a credit card from their affiliate banks. 

My recent online purchase from another ShopBack affiliate, FullyBooked,

2020 is especially rough on my finances. The mandatory lockdown forced me to close up the shop, and I got scammed in an investment. To make matters worse, I am fighting to keep our house. 

Despite the challenge, I still choose to pursue blogging full time. My writing could not be any fantastic now. I got my Patreon set up, and I am making some money. I am getting decent views, and I have a steady stream of recent followers. Never in my life have I imagined that I would become a writer. There is nothing like a tremendous difficulty to drive a man to follow his dreams.

With apps like ShopBack, I could get the most of my shopping without worrying about my income as a writer. There truly is a smarter way!

Special thanks to my patrons, namely:

This post would not be possible if it were not for you! Thank you for believing in me; your continued patronage is very much appreciated. You have my sincerest gratitude!

Maraming salamat at mahal ko kayo!

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To Courage and Freedom, and Savings!

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