What Happened In February (2021)…

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

Love is in the air in February, and even though I am not sentimental, I still did everything I could out of love. What would not I do out of love towards my family, my friends, and my daughter?

I would do whatever it takes to show that love.

January went on like a breeze; I did the necessary preparations needed for the coming months. I planned ahead of time on my writing and the growth of this blog. I had a few hits last month, and I enjoyed writing my topics. It went on smoothly last January; I am wondering what exciting content I write in the future. 

You got to have the ability to capture the attention of your readers when you are a blogger. It is a skill that every blogger should have. Getting people to notice you can be laborious; it takes skill and a hell of an investment. If I desire to get somewhere, I must invest. 

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Growth is a never-ending pursuit. You cannot stop because things are not going your way. You cannot stop even if you reach the top – there is no rest for the wicked. 

With that said, my February is quite eventful. It started with my mom’s laser eye surgery, which was utterly stressful. My mother busted a vein in her eyes that could lead to her loss of vision. I took her as soon as possible to fix the problem. 

The week after that, I took another trip to the bank that ended terribly. They denied my initial proposal of a 10% downpayment on the house. I am now scrambling on how to make the 20% they are asking. I am thinking of opening the fundraiser again, but I am afraid that I would burden you with this. If I have other means of getting the money, I would not even think of asking you. I wish I could catch a break soon – I will work to get the money we need.

Another thing, let this serve as a warning to everyone. There has been a scammer over at Instagram posing as one of my blogger friends. If ever someone messages you on social media telling you about a cash grant, verify the person first. I got suspicious of how pushy the person I am talking to, and I decided to email my friend. She told me that it was not her, so I immediately reported the account. The internet can be a scary place – always be vigilant. 

After many months, I finally finished watching Sons of Anarchy. I missed it when it premiered over on cable, and I got another chance of watching it again. It is a gangland drama stating Charlie Hunnam. Now, I am watching Vikings.

I saw Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka on sale so, I do not hesitate to buy it as well as a copy of The Odyssey by Homer. 

We also made this exceptional siomai on Chinese New Year. To my Chinese friends, Happy New Year!

February Wrap-up

Well, that is how my February went; I hope you guys had a wonderful month! I would love to hear all about it. 

Special thanks to my patrons for making today’s post possible. I could not do it without you; thank you for believing in me. Your continued support means everything to me and this blog. I managed to keep the ball rolling because of you. 

Maraming salamat at mahal ko kayo!

Again, please check my Patreon page and become a patron. Help me reach my goal, and I will give away a free Spotify gift card to a lucky patron! 

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To courage and freedom, and February!

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    1. I can’t bear the cold, it’s a good thing I live in the Pacific.

      Yeah, all be can do is stay focus. Many times I feel like I’m about to give up but then I remember that challenges are the only way to grow.


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