Women Can Mend or Annoy You

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

Gentlemen, if you are like me, you probably have your preferences when it comes to women. You may find yourself attracted to blondes or perhaps a brunette. Maybe you prefer a more composed woman than a carefree one. Regardless, we covet what we desire, and there is nothing other people can do about it. 

I prefer dark-haired women who are a bit carefree and can hold their own intellectually. Her lively demeanor offsets the seriousness of my character – I find her sweetness refreshing.

I could use a bit of romance in my practical existence. 

I also prefer women with a bit of flesh off their bones – I like women with lovely curves. I love a woman with a soft round face and an ample bosom. Strong legs that prove she is active and she loves to move. What would I not give to embrace such a woman!

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Women give you exceptional vitality, but women can also mend or annoy you. They can make you feel awe and wonder or left you scratching your head. 

It is crucial to be aware that your desires will change throughout your life. You may fancy a carefree woman now but require a more attentive one later on. 

For example, you find yourself in a deeply devoted relationship with a woman you prefer. Later in life, your inclinations changed – that woman who used to mend you now annoys you. Do not confuse your changing desire as a reason to end your relationship. It is also crucial for you to know that other women can mend you in non-sexual ways.

A weak man may seek mending from other women and might end up having an affair. A superior man will communicate his changing desires to his partner. He may find her more than able to mend and rejuvenate him. 

Do not confuse your desire with love. Do not react drastically and decide to abandon your relationship. It might surprise you that in a few months, your desires change again, and you realize that you made a mistake. 

Learn how to deal with your ever-changing desires. Only love can take you away from your fears and brings you at ease. Remember your priority.

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Maraming salamat at mahal ko kayo!

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To Courage and Freedom, and Women! 

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  1. This is why the notion of someone “completing” their partner is kind of flawed. You ought to enter a relationship with 100% of yourself and not depend on your other half.

    Nothing is permanent, and with the ever-changing tides of fate, depending on your other to complete yourself isn’t the most prudent option.

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