TMI Tuesday #110

Who do you prefer to discuss politics with?

  • partner
  • best friend
  • co-workers
  • strangers
  • parents

I would rather not discuss politics at all. It is a touchy subject I avoid as much as I could. Much like religion, a political opinion should remain personal. When a person fanatically dedicates themselves to any belief, it is because these ideologies are in doubt. No one is rabidly shouting at the sun to rise tomorrow; they know it will rise tomorrow. 

But to answer the question, I would discuss it with a partner or best friend. I have confidence that they will correct me if I am wrong or not think of me as an asshole. 

Which is more offensive to you: book burning or flag burning? Why?

Why? Why burn a book or a flag? What is your purpose in doing so? Both are just as offensive as the other. The reason I could think of was to express hatred or denouncement. Challenge brings growth; what does not kill you makes you stronger. I learned that in life, you should not put too much faith in friends or ideologies. There is so much hate going on these days, and I am starting to wonder where it would take us.

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Complete the sentence. Most of all, I want to meet someone who deserves my _____ :

  • trust
  • loyalty
  • admiration
  • love

As I have answered in the previous question, you cannot put too much faith, but I can have the next best thing. I desire to meet someone with whom I can confide as much as I could. You cannot always get what you need, but you can get close enough. Life is all about managing your wants and doing the most with what you have. 

Which kind of fidelity (being faithful) is more important to you?

  • Physical/Sexual
  • Mental/Emotional
  • Neither is important
  • Both are equally important

I process intimacy and love more on the emotional and mental side. But, that does not mean I value physical and sexual factors any less. They are intertwined with one each other. I am more intrigued by the why of the how. The how can be a bit dull sometimes without the why. 

Would you avoid all contact with an ex if your current significant other asked you to?

  • Yes, of course!
  • No. It would be an unacceptable demand
  • Only if their justification seems reasonable

If I avoid any of my exes, it would be on my terms. Anyone who asks you to throw away something significant to your life does not deserve you. It is also up to you to know if you need to out of respect to your partner. Either way, they no longer need to ask.

Bonus: If you were to die, the person going through your belongings would be shocked to find _____?

I think they will find it shocking how I managed to keep my life together. I am open about sex and a lot of stuff, but I keep my troubles to myself as much as I could. I avoid asking for help; I dislike being a burden. I pull my weight as much as I can. You would not believe how difficult it was for me when I was doing the fundraiser. 

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Maraming salamat at mahal ko kayo!

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10 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #110

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  1. If I avoid any of my exes, it would be on my terms.

    I love this answer. That’s super brave if you are able to tell your current partner that, because if one had to ask, then you’re in for a long fight.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, if my significant someone had to asks that I think I did a poor job in making her special.

      And if I did my best to make her feel special but still feel the need to ask me that, I think I can’t be with that person.

      But, that’s just me. 😅


      1. Some partners can be like that due to some factors, it could be that they’ve been burned before so badly they find it difficult to trust again, some have low self esteem, some are just plain cruel and just like you said, some partners perhaps fail to make their better halves feel secure enough hence the jealousy.

        There are some people who can tolerate the jealous types… at least for some time, til they can’t

        But who wants to be with someone who just “tolerates” being with you, right?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. As a man, I want to do everything I can but the reality is, I can only do much. As much as I could, I would make my SO feel special to the best of my ability. I would do my best to understand regardless of the factors. But yes, everything has its limits. If making her feel special is starting to feel more like an obligation rather than a privilege, I would certainly feel burned out. Of course, I would do my best in any relationship but if I can’t see myself growing anymore, then what is the point.
        I don’t think tolerate is bad though, I think the word “just” is the culprit. The whole idea changes when you remove the word “just”. From I am just tolerating you, to I am tolerating you. As a writer, I have become weary of the word ” just”. It sounds so reckless, condescending, and half-hearted. I avoid it as much as I could. 😅


      3. Partners who address people that way are definitely being condescending — relationships like this do not end well.

        From a male perspective, why do you think being referred to as being tolerated not a bad thing?

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Much like everything in life, you have to have patience and tolerance. If my partner is being difficult, I would tolerate it, because I know that it is not like this all the time. Same thing with children, work, people. I simply can’t cancel out things that exists, because I dislike them. I tolerate them because I love them. The bad things don’t lessen the good. But as I said, everything has its limits. If I no longer see the good, then it is time to let go.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Agreed. We definitely cannot cancel them out because we disliked parts of them but if it boils down to the feeling that you’re tolerating being with them — that sounds too effortful. It is best to let go for both your sakes.

        But that’s just me 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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