TMI Tuesday #109

If you had a magic beauty wand, what would you give yourself?

  • Shinier hair, hands down.
  • Glowing, soft skin–pass the moisturizer.
  • Brighter eyes, with no crow’s feet—I want to look less tired.
  • Nada. I love what I’ve got.

As much as I would love to say I love what I got. I would like to have brighter eyes, with no crow’s feet. I want to look less tired; I want to look like someone who has not given up in life. I am already poor; the last thing I need is to look stressed out, tired, and ugly. Plus, my eyes are my most attractive asset. It is reasonable for me to fancy brighter eyes. 

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If you were spring cleaning your life what five things would you throw out?

Cigarettes, I am trying to quit smoking. There are days when I am failing with the program, but I am always reminding myself that I need to. 

My house problem. I will have another bank visit tomorrow, and hopefully, I could sort it out. It already took a lot from me, and it would be wonderful if I could take a break after this. 

Besides that, I would declutter and clean up a bit – put stuff in their suitable places. As much as I could, I avoid throwing out stuff. 

If money were no object, what sort of house would you buy?

A massive stronghold. If money is not a problem and I could spend it all in one house, I would have my castle and a throne room. I fancy having mid-century furniture and a massive library. I would also like to have a music room to house my guitars and a garage filled with hot cars. But then again, I am struggling to keep our house. It is still pleasing to have a dream. 

Have you ever visited an erotic massage parlor AND had a “happy ending”?

I still have not tried it. I usually go to spas for a couple’s massage if seeing someone. If I am by myself, I will call for a home service. I love massages, but not an erotic massage from someone I do not know. I love getting it from partners but not from strangers. The closest thing I got was my ass getting groped by a masseuse, and I like it. 

Bonus: Using the handy chart, what is your butt type, spanked or not?

Spankification: Author of original types of butts poster unknown.
Types of Spanked Butts by Dioneo Daspanca, 2011

I got no idea what type of butt I have and never had my butt spanked, I usually do the spanking. All I know is that the ladies seem to like what they see. I am not complaining; I love the attention that I am getting. To top it off, I got sexy broad shoulders too and huge thighs! I only wish I could erase a few lines on my face. 

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Maraming salamat at mahal ko kayo!

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