Masculinity is Consciousness

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

Gentlemen, I need you to imagine this. You are in the middle of passionate lovemaking with your woman. You are engaged in one another – your sole focus is to express your unadulterated love. Nothing else matters besides your woman. Everything is complete in this cycle of love, passion, and desire. You are lost in a trance of lovemaking when she asks you to fill her with your seed.

Deep inside, you know to yourself that that moment is not the time. What would you do? Would you be a good boy and give your woman what she asks? Or would you have the courage to magnify your love?

I received some criticism when I wrote Women Are Not Liars. Some readers called me out-dated, sexist, and worst, a misogynist. Maybe I am, or perhaps I am not – what I do know is that I write about the lessons I learned as a man. It may not apply to you – I can only please some, but not everyone. I wrote Women Are Not Liars for men to love their women even when the circumstances get difficult. I did not write that to demean women in any way. If your woman never lies and owns up her mistakes, cherish her. If she does, cherish her nonetheless. Loved her with everything you got, until you can no longer love. 

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Masculinity is consciousness – it is self-awareness. Masculinity is not about not wearing a skirt; it is about wearing it when you must. It is adhering to the rules and knowing when to break them. Masculinity is never about having balls but what you have to do because you have them. 

Women need your awareness, integrity, love, and confidence, but she will never ask you for it. You must show her that you are unshakeable from your truth. You dedicate yourself to giving her your full awareness. 

Yet, your dedication is not the same as merely giving her what she wants. It is about her believing in you to stay faithful to your truth, never swaying from the path of your heart. If she could distract you from your essence, other women can distract you from her too. 

Always maintain your full consciousness. Never let anything diminish your fullness and presence even if your woman asks you to. You never ask anything less from your woman, so why give her anything less?

Have the confidence to please your woman with your love and consciousness. You would not disappoint her for following your heart even if you answered no. If she does, then you should not be with her.

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Maraming salamat at mahal ko kayo!

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To Courage and Freedom, and Consciousness!

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4 thoughts on “Masculinity is Consciousness

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  1. Criticism is a difficult thing when it comes to opinion based platforms, it rubs me the wrong. We have so many other options.
    As you mentioned, you were saying things you’ve learned due to your personal life experiences, that’s really all we can do and I feel it’s our responsibility to do.
    Lovely post dear A

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah yes, that “controversial” post of yours! I couldn’t help but laugh at those readers who immediately pounced on you. It seemed that they responded on impulse, not actually reading the finer details of the piece. A pity indeed!

    Liked by 1 person

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