What Happened in January (2021)…

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

January is about to wrap, and February is around the corner. The new year brings new hope, but with that hope comes arduous work. Unfortunately, some people today desire the results for the work they did not do. They wanted something to happen because they think they deserve it. If I genuinely need this blog to take off, I must put in the laborious work. Right?

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2020 ended with a particular relief to it. I will admit that I am a bit burned out, and my financial problems are far from over, but still, I managed. It is not much of a success story, but I kept the ball rolling. 2020 is tough, but it brought out the survivor in me. A dozen tragic stories did not stop me then; a pandemic and a possibility of losing a house would not stop me now. 

Speaking of the house, I apologize if I have not updated you with anything yet. I am still waiting for some paper to come through. I stopped writing about it because I do not want to trouble you anymore. 2020 is heartbreaking enough; you do not deserve to hear any more tragic stories. Regardless, not talking about it does not mean I have forgotten about it. I owe a lot to you for helping. You barely know me, but that did not stop you from becoming a generous person. Again, thank you so much. 

2021 brings new hope, but it also presents fresh challenges that I must overcome. If I plan on becoming successful, I need to focus on improving this blog and myself. That included investing more of my time and effort in producing quality content. 

Much like everybody else, I immersed myself in my work as soon as the holiday was over. I started working on the various sections of the blog. I updated my About page and added a different page about Patreon

After months and months of saving, I finally decided to upgrade my laptop. I swapped out my 2-terabyte hard disk drive to a 240-gigabyte solid-state drive. I also replaced my 4-gigabyte memory module with 8 gigabytes. It is frustrating that my motherboard only has a single slot for memory. 

Also, read a lot this month. I devoured Watchmen by Alan Moore, and I started reading The Prince by Machiavelli. I am a slow reader, but I make sure that I make room for reading in my schedule. I plan on getting more books this year. 

My mom also made this photogenic pancit palabok. It reminded me that no matter how exceptional I am at cooking, she will always be an expert cook. 

Speaking of my mother, she will undergo laser eye surgery on Wednesday. Given her hypertension and high blood pressure, we opted to fix a broken blood vessel in her left eye. The doctor told us that it could be an early indicator of stroke. We are taking extra precautions now, and hopefully, it does not lead to that. 

January Wrap-up

That wraps up my January; I hope you enjoyed it. How about you, how is your year so far? I would love to hear all about it! 

Special thanks to my patrons for making today’s post possible. I could not do it without you; thank you for believing in me. 

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To courage and freedom, and to January!

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