TMI Tuesday #105

What a way to start the year! Gemmi’s questions are always fun!

What was the best part of your holiday season?

I knew you heard it from my previous posts, but the best part of my holiday was my friends. A few friends from far away decided to send my daughter some books and art supplies for Christmas. I am thankful to have friends who wanted the best for my daughter – they are absolute sweethearts. There is nothing I would not do for my friends – I am so lucky to have them. My only regret was I did not take a video of my daughter opening her gifts. I wish I could show them how her eyes sparkled when she saw it. 

Did you have the opportunity to get down and dirty over the holidays? Please share.

I wish! I badly needed a vacation after my house problems were over. It took a lot from me, and it is burning me out. I need to keep working; a lot is depending on me. I deserve a vacation after this. I miss going out on dates, I miss the movies, and I miss my favorite bowl of Udon. I miss lying in bed with someone, but now, I got to keep on working until I resolve my problems. 

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You receive a gift from a family member that is exactly what you DID NOT want. Do you: 

  • Smile politely and bin it at the first opportunity?
  • Say thank you and re-gift it next year?
  • Do some detective work and return it at the first opportunity?
  • Try and tactfully suggest something more appropriate for next time?

None of the above. I would be grateful if I got any present at all. I asked people I know not to give me any gifts this holiday season. I got myself a book and a pair of sneakers for me to review, and that is it. If you are asking me why? I do not think I deserve anything until I resolve my house problems. I find it difficult to relax, knowing that I still have something to worry about. 

Sex toys as gifts yea or nay? Was there a time when you unexpectedly opened something R-rated in front of your family? Tell us about it.

Finally, something fun! Yey, all the way! I am known to give sex toys as gifts. As for receiving one – no, I have not received it. Who would give me a sex toy, anyone? But seriously, sex toys and lingerie are fantastic gifts. 

What is the best present your significant other has given you? 

I have received tons of presents from my exes, but nothing could compare to the gift I got from my ex-wife, a daughter. It does not even have to be Christmas; the day she was born is worth any holiday to me. That kid is the reason why I do what I do. 

Bonus: Share your New Year’s resolution(s) or reasons why you do not make them.

A lot! Getting a premium health care policy is at the top of my list. That is why I need to focus on my Patreon and keep on writing. 2020 is an eye-opener, I am not getting any younger, and I have to think about my health. I need to avail a premium health care policy for me and my daughter. I would work hard for that. Besides that, I am dying to get back to the gym. I am out of shape; I need to be healthy and fit again.

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