TMI Tuesday #104

This marks the last TMI for 2020! Thank you for all the randomness and support. See you again next year!

What is the dumbest thing you are reading and writing right now? (uh-huh I know what you are thinking :p)

Not currently reading but I am planning to read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK by Mark Manson. If I were to judge it based on its title, it sounds so pretentious. If you do not give a fuck, why use the fucking asterisk? Plus, we all know one needs to give a fuck if they were to grow. But I am not the one to deem something as silly or useless because I disdain it. I am open to hearing what people have to say, and I bought the book to challenge my perception.

What is Good? What is Quality? What is “Betterness”?

If you were to start your own country, who would sing your national anthem?

I am trying to choose between Adele and Taylor Swift, but I will go with Devin Fucking Townsend. If I were to start an empire, I might as well make it extreme. I love his work in Strapping Young Lad and The Devin Townsend Project. The guy has a fantastic voice and has a massive stage presence. Everything about the guy screams confidence. If you are not familiar with Devin Townsend or extreme metal, this ought to impress you. 

If you were to be eaten by an animal of your choice (and you will die), what animal will eat you? Why?

A Grizzly, without a doubt. Have you seen The Revenant? I gasped in the scene where a bear mauled Leonardo DiCaprio. It was unrelenting, visceral, the apex predator – survival of the fittest. Being eaten by a bear would imply that I took a trip somewhere since we do not have bears here in the Philippines. That means I finally conquered my fear of flight. This would also signify that I am somewhere in the woods. Which is something I have always wanted to do. That is not a terrible way to go.

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What word makes you smile?

The word Ada makes me smile. If you are wondering who is Ada; Ada is the name I gave my daughter. For privacy reasons, I rarely mention her name in my writing. I am a trained programmer by trade, and I named my daughter after Ada Augusta Byron, Countess of Lovelace. Daughter of the famed poet, Lord Byron. Both have a writer for a father, and both have a mother who hates his guts. Both have a mother who thinks their father was a philanderer and a hedonist, but they both knew better. Byron’s Ada was eventually buried beside him, while I can only hope that my Ada would lay close to me when the time comes. Mine is an all-around daddy’s girl whom I love with all my heart. I need to make something of myself as a writer because of her. 

What word makes you cringe?

That may hinge on the context. I would cringe when a date would tell me how she puked in one of her dates. Or that time she passed out near a dumpster, pissed drunk. Nah, I am kidding. I am quite accepting of all my dates, and I would treat them how a man should treat a lady. I know, I am so charming and a sweetheart!

Bonus: Will you board the love train?

Ahh, love. I spoke with a friend who is getting married this coming year. She asked me what it was like and asked me for advice. I care for her; she was a genuine friend ever since we were kids. Yet, our talk made me contemplate marriage and love. Would I want to get married again? If not, would there be a woman out there who would do without marriage? Do not get me wrong, women deserve that, but I am at a point where I have different priorities. I am not saying that love is not my priority but getting hitched again is not exactly on top of my list. Does that mean I do not deserve love? Who would fancy a broke, solo dad?

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  1. Interesting origin story of Ada’s name! Also, I think it’s interesting you’re reading Mark Manson’s work. I’ve been following him for a few years now, and I think I was curious about his post on the top books everyone should read. I’m curious to hear what you have to say about this one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sa! I’m curious about what I could find out too. As I said, I find the title pretentious. Is it pretentious? I’m not sure, but I’m willing to find out. I’m open to challenge my outlook. 😉


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