You will Want More

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

There comes in a man’s life when he will desire more – there is no way around that. He will often find himself craving more out of his work, his woman, and his life. It is in a man’s nature to want. A man’s desire is not a reflection of what he lacks in life but rather a picture of his being. It is not about his lack of devotion or fulfillment. 

Yet, his desire is not an excuse. His craving for intimacy is not an excuse for promiscuity. If you love a TV show, it does not mean you will spend all day watching it. 

I was eager when I looked at my planner and found out that this is my intended topic for today. Most men misunderstand the concept of self-control. They either lack the discipline to control their desire, or they abandon it altogether. 

I have been open about my financial disposition. I am struggling to keep the bank from taking our house. With that said, I also would not deny my love for books, shoes, and dressing up. I write about my passion as much as I can. Does being broke mean I should abandon my love of books and shoes?

Of course not! That would be depressing.

Does that mean I should squander away my money then? Another resounding NO! That would be irresponsible. 

So what to do then? 

Much like everything in life, you manage – you do what you can to make it work. You consult your means, make do with what you have, and make it last. 

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Any man who tells you that they have no desire in life has either; fulfilled their life’s purpose, is dead or lying. More often than not, they are lying. What is worse is that they will tell you to abandon your desire because they cannot control theirs. Remember that cowards have more honor than liars.

It goes beyond your superficial whims. It goes farther than your desire to look impeccable or your aspiration to be successful. A time comes for every man where he will fancy other women or more from his woman. Again, this does not mean you are not obligated to your woman, and it surely does not mean that your woman is lacking. Yet, this is not an excuse for you to fuck around with other women or force your woman to give you what you want. It also does not mean you should emasculate yourself or reject your desire either.

Self-suppression is not self-discipline. It is when your purpose rules your desires through comprehension. It is not about resisting your desires, keeping them buried and unexpressed. It is about asking yourself if your desire brings you closer to your purpose as a man or just a temporary fix.

If your purpose is to experience every indulgence, go ahead and fuck every woman you come across with. If your role is to be a good boy and please mommy, then do whatever it takes to make your woman satisfied. But if your purpose is to grow and be free and love, then do what you must. 

Your desire is indicative of your manhood, and how you act towards it is totally up to you. But I will tell you this: if you cannot handle your other desires, what makes you think this would be any different. 

It is only natural for you to want more. It is natural for you to desire more generous pay, more satisfying sex, and a more enjoyable life. You should know that there is no way for you to avoid that but, you should also know how to manage it.

Aim to have complete mastery of yourself; some desires are much greater than the others. Instead of abandoning it, challenge yourself – get in to know your purpose. Manage it and make it work – live within your means, make do with what you have, and make it last. Your desire may be a path to ruin if you lack the mastery of yourself. But it could be your road to glory if you rule it with your heart and mind.

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To Courage, and Freedom, and Desires!

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