TMI Tuesday #102

What is considered moral or immoral, accepted or prohibited is generally defined by the norms, values, and beliefs of society?

Agree or Disagree. If people want to have more than one spouse, they should be allowed to do that.

If all parties are consenting and have the proper mindset towards it, I do not see why not – if they could make it work without hurting each other. Like I always tell you, we are an emotional species, not a logical one. Sometimes we are the ones who get hurt, and sometimes we are the ones who do the hurting. If they could make it work somehow, then, by all means, go.

Do you believe in ethical non-monogamy?

I have not dipped my toes in non-monogamy yet, but it is possible. It would be foolish and arrogant to dismiss it – I do not think like that. If you have not seen a black swan, it does not mean it does not exist. Hell, gravity did not exist in our consciousness until Newton pointed it out. If you can educate me about ethical non-monogamy, I would love to hear it in the comment section.

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Is polyamory something you want?

I will be lying if I tell you that I am not interested, but I will also tell you that I do not have the means for it. I have not dipped my toes into it; I am also aware that we are an emotional species. To top it off, I am not in an excellent place now financially. I do not think I could manage a polyam relationship even if I wanted to. I mean, let us be real, a broke 34-year-old solo dad is not exactly attractive.

Do you wish that your ethical non-monogamy was a societal/cultural norm?

I wish that the Philippines become more sex-positive not just in ethical non-monogamy. I am not stating we should indulge our baser instincts and fuck around Sodom and Gomorrah style. What I am telling is for people to be educated about sex and be more accomodating about it. You would not believe how many of my exes kink-shamed me in the past, branding me as a terrible person. Yes, some matters are wrong, like pedophilia and rape. But keep in mind that sexual positivity does not mean shoving your dick anywhere. You can be a sexual person without gross indecency – it is quite the opposite.

If you are in or have been in an open sexual relationship, what are the best bits?

I have not been in one; it would be exciting to experience it, though. But that is more based on fantasy than reality. As I told you before, a broke 34-year-old solo dad is not exactly attractive. I am a bit of a flirt, but ladies are not dropping at my feet left and right. To have someone I could trust is enough.

Bonus: Describe what your ideal intimate and/or sexual relationship would look like today.

Trust is more important than love, at least for me. If I am intimate with you, it means I trust you. I trust you enough to open myself to you. I am far from perfect, and I am difficult – there are concerns that I would rather keep to myself. If I, by any chance, have a sexual relationship with you, it means I trust you. What more can I ask for besides that.

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6 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #102

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  1. Broke 34 year old solo dad is pretty much who I married the first time. It lasted 17 years, so there’s that. You would be amazed at the things that attract women. Interesting post though… 💜


    1. Hi Olivia! Interesting, I guess, I still have something to look forward to. Now that I think about it, yeah! I have no plans on staying broke for the rest of my life, so I might still have a chance! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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