Help Me Save My Mother’s House – The Last Update

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

This serves as my last update about the fundraiser. It has been a hell of a ride and I would like to thank you for encouraging me. You have been nothing but generous and thoughtful of my situation. I cannot imagine how this could turn out if it was not for you. 

But before that, I would like to address some issues about the fundraiser. I am well aware that despite my intentions, not everyone will see this effort as it is. No one said it was easy, I knew that right from the get-go. To be frank, I began this effort not expecting anything. I simply tried to do something about our current situation. After all, doing something is better than not doing anything at all.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Uhm, who the fuck is John?

As much as there are people who positively reacted to this fundraiser, there are those who saw it otherwise. I would like to make it clear that I am not forcing you in any way to help. Also, I am in no way depriving anyone of the much-needed help they need. To my surprise, someone felt I do not deserve the help I received. That is okay if I am being frank. What is not okay is to call the people who helped me “fucktards”. You cannot call them names only because they choose to be decent people. I get that you do not want to help, but at least act civilized. But hey, haters hate, I must be that famous to incite such strong emotions from such people. I am not pointing a gun at you and no, it did not come from your wallet.

Now for the fundraiser.

I have raised 74,115 PHP, around 1,536.58 USD, not counting the amount Paypal was deducting me. I still got 9 days left, so if you got some spare change left, would you mind helping me out? Pretty please!

Please check out the link for all the details. Thank you!

I’m kidding, I wish I could convince you to spare me some change but I could accept it if you cannot. It is either you can or cannot and I would not hold that against you. With that said, I did something I never imagined. I recently entered merch territory. 

I present to you, the Sweet as Sin coffee mug!

A few months ago, a local bakery and coffee shop owner got wind that my previous phone is no longer serviceable. They immediately reached out and sent me a care package along with a handset that they are no longer using. Being the man I am, I asked them if I could do anything for them in exchange for their generosity. They hesitated at first and told me that this is out of goodwill, They believed in what I am doing. I still insisted so they told me if I could help them increase their sales. I never tried local coffee beans so I was eager to try it and boy, it packs a punch. The product blew me away by how wonderful it is and I mean that not just because they gave me a phone.

I spent weeks promoting the brand in my social media accounts until I came up with an idea. The fundraiser is not doing well and I need another way to make some money. I decided to invest some of my Patreon money in printing some coffee mugs to go along with their coffee. 

The end product is the “Sweet as sin” coffee mug which has been selling well ever since its launch. I am still far from becoming a millionaire but hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?

As of now, the “Sweet as sin” bundle is available in the Philippines. Hopefully, I could figure out a cost-efficient way to ship overseas. To my Filipino readers who want to help out as well as enjoy an exceptional cup of coffee. Please comment below or send me an email on how to avail of the bundle.

No one said it would be easy. I have been in and out of my anxiety, I am worn out and burned out from everything that is happening. The situation is dire, there are no other words to describe it. I am doing everything in my power to prevent the bank from taking our house. It is difficult to the point that it is gut-wrenching but it is not devoid of hope. I may have thought so before, and I could see how wrong I was now. Because sometimes if you dig a well deep enough, the rain comes. I am not assuming that the situation will now be simple but at least now, there is hope. 

I would like to thank Serendipity Coffee Beans and Grounds for this opportunity. Thank you, Neil, Meann, Carreen, and Jiorgio for buying my merch and encouraging me in these difficult moments. You would not believe how tough it was to hold back my tears and keep my composure. Underneath my jokes and laughter hides a grateful and thoughtful soul. I wish you nothing but love and I hope we could catch up more soon. I am looking forward to that. Thank you!

I would also like to thank the people who have been gracious to me in this journey. My sincerest apologies for the behavior of one person. You do not deserve it, you are my guiding light in my dark days. You are my inspiration, thank you for believing in me.

Maraming salamat at mahal ko kayong lahat!

If you still have not checked out my fundraiser, please do so. I still have nine days to go and I hope I could make the remaining days count. Thank you!

I almost forgot, please like and subscribe to this blog, comment while you are at it. It surely helps in keeping me going!

To courage and freedom, and dreams!

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6 thoughts on “Help Me Save My Mother’s House – The Last Update

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  1. I’m so sorry that you’ve experienced this. I answered your call for help because, in a sense, I’ve been where you are myself. I have a post about those dark times in my drafts folder but it was so hard for me to post after writing that it’s as far as it’s gone for now. I didn’t ask for anything close to the sum you are but my situation was different. I was only aiming for £1,000 to replace my basic necessities because nobody had mentioned contents insurance to me until after my kitchen had burned down. That this person negates your needs in favour of anyone else’s is beyond me. A human life is a human life, everyone should have access to food, water, shelter and safety and no one is above the other. Unfortunately, comments like this did happen to me also after my flat fire and people will pass judgement with impunity when they aren’t the ones in need. We can only hope for their sakes that they never find themselves so desperate for money that they are willing to sell their body in order to keep a roof over their head. My thoughts are with you. Do take good care of yourself xx

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