Sexual Reciprocity: Complementary Opposites Attract

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Have you ever met someone you deemed as flawless, only to find out that they have a trait that annoys you? I’m sure we all met that person who is a delight to our senses as well as the bane of our sanity. First, let me tell you that there is no single relationship out there without fault and that is fine. After all, what is the point of living without imperfections?

Then again, who am I to assume? I’m a separated solo dad, who could contend with Taylor Swift for the most number of exes award. Or perhaps that is exactly why you should hear what I have to tell. I have been in too many relationships to know what I am talking about. We all aspire for lasting relationships, but it doesn’t mean that short terms are without value. 

What makes a relationship extraordinary? Is it the quality of the time spent and the memories made during the relationship? Is it the sex or the quality of intimacy with each other? Or could it be something different? To be fair, it could be anything you fancy and I will not judge you for that. We are a species with various tastes and experiences. What applies to me may not apply to you and that is okay.

What makes a relationship extraordinary is subjective. But the fact of the matter is, it always starts with attraction. You would not be in a relationship with someone to who you are not attracted. I still have not met anyone who gets into relationships with someone they are not attracted to. An attraction serves as the basis of even the most practical of relationships. You have to be at least attracted to something for a relationship to work. It sounds superficial, but it is what it is. If you are not attracted then what is the point of getting into relationships in the first place?

“That is preposterous! what about love?”, you ask. Let me tell you this: People get into relationships because of attraction but stay in it because of love. I am not taking love out of the equation but rather painting the whole picture, from start to finish. We get into relationships because we love the idea but stay in a relationship because we love the person. What is so outrageous about that?

Now, how does attraction work? And yes, it works exactly as you thought, like a magnet. If an attraction is the basis of every relationship then polarity is the basis of attraction. Opposites attract but not merely any opposites, it has to be complementary opposites. 

Let us assume you are a person that is doing well in life. It is natural for you to respect and admire people of equal stature but it does not mean they attract you. And if you are, chances are, that is not the reason for your attraction. It could be some other facet of their life that attracts you. If you are a reliable person, someone who is a bit more carefree may attract you. You find their carefree nature a delight as it breaks the monotony of your reliable nature.

Now, earlier I have mentioned love and where does it fit in all these superficial mambo jumbos. I will tell you this, love is when you care enough to keep the flames of attraction burning. And patient enough to give them time to figure it out. As I have told you, it is the attraction that gets us into a relationship but it is love that makes us stay in it. 

There is no denying that there are red flags to look out for when it comes to relationships. But I need you to think having a relationship is akin to owning a motorcycle. For some reason, a particular make and model attracts you enough to buy it. You maintain it yourself and keep it in running condition but aware enough when to call a mechanic. You make an effort in keeping it running but you also know when it is no longer road-worthy.

Before I end this post, I’d like to thank my friends for their support during this difficult time. You made us believe that we are worth something when people seem to turn their backs on us. I’m so thankful for your friendship and support. I wish this would be over soon. Maraming salamat at mahal ko kayo!

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To Courage and Freedom and Attraction!

“All the diversity, all the charm, and all the beauty of life are made up of light and shade.”
― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

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6 thoughts on “Sexual Reciprocity: Complementary Opposites Attract

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  1. I love this Mr A, you are so on the mark. I’ve been with Mr Wolfie for 14 years now and I definitely love him just for the way he makes me laugh each day, and also the way he protects me. He can bring down my defenses and I still find that incredibly attractive, even many years later. Physically, we have both changed over the years. Mr Wolfie lost a tooth on a baguette earlier this year and I have gained a significant amount of weight because of various emotional challenges. Still though, we love one another for who we are, rather than what we look like. Ours is a relationship based on humour and mutual understanding rather than physical attraction, and yet because we have that connection, we still smile (actually we don’t, we have a silly habit of wrinkling our noses!) when we see one another. I really enjoyed this post 🙂

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  2. It’s so fucking tacky and gross. There are REAL people in the world that are suffering and going without but there isn’t enough money or compassion for them when the fucktards of the world are too busy giving to you. Jesus Christ John are you ever going to grow up? EW


    1. Let me ask you two questions.

      1. Is the blogger threatening you with violence if you don’t give any amount?
      2. If anyone does give to him, will the amount be taken from you?

      If the answers to both questions are no, zip it and mind your own business.


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