TMI Tuesday #95

Before we begin, please check out my little fundraiser. In case you haven’t heard, we’re about to become homeless any day now. The bank could come in and drive us away. I’m doing everything I can to prevent that from happening but I can’t do it alone. If you got 500 pesos ($10) lying around somewhere, would you consider donating it to us?

I’m already at 73k pesos and I hope you could join me in my effort. It would be a great help to us and I would appreciate it so much. 

Now, lets begin this week’s TMI!

Favorite form of adult pajamas: Kimono, soft pant, romper, or Winnie-the-pooh style?

The Philippine climate can be unforgiving at times. Since we’re near the equator, the Philippine summer can be so hot and humid that I sleep in my underwear. Storm season won’t offer you any comfort either. The cold wind brought in by storms can get pretty chilly that I sleep with a shirt on. Right now, there’s a storm looming around, the nights could get so chilly so I sleep with a tank top or a shirt.

What time do you wake-up in the morning?

12-1 pm and I start working at three in the afternoon. I start late into the day and depending on my schedule, I end the day late. I open up the shop at three in the afternoon and begin to write something at five. I multitask when I write so it could be pretty distracting at times. I close up shop around eight in the evening and go home to finish up what I’m writing. I try to finish up and post before two in the morning. After that, I work some more if there’s any, I take on any work that’s out there. Right now, I’m working on a marketing campaign as well as a collaboration with Serendipity Coffee Beans and Ground

Your favorite chore to do is _____. 

Duh, of course, it would be cleaning or polishing shoes! Not only is it meditative, relaxing, and it also pisses off woo woo pseudo “poets”. The thing is, I got a watch that was handed down by my grandparents to my father and me, and it still survives to this day. I got shoes that are almost a decade old but still in pristine condition because I take care of them. You see, I never claimed I was rich, but I do my best to make whatever I have last for a long time. On my previous TMI, someone called me out for cleaning my shoes. The gist was, he was questioning the legitimacy of my fundraiser because I have boxes of shoes. I can’t grasp my head around his logic, to be honest. Am I not allowed to write about the things I enjoy? After all, I was asked to answer a question about what I do to ease my mind. Am I not allowed to answer that with honesty? 

But what annoys the hell out of me was when he said that I’m marketing my “desperation” then telling it as “friendly” advice. I write to share and somehow teach, but if you have a thing that works for you, that’s fine by me. I’m quite happy for you. If writing a bunch of nonsensical words and cryptic capitalization makes you happy, I’m happy. If posting pictures of you naked makes you happy, I’m happy. If making a dozen comments in your posts makes you happy, I’m happy. If you want to go barefoot then it’s fine by me. But if you’re going to tell me that I’m marketing my desperation, we’re going to have a problem with that. The problem with these kinds of people is, they dare to talk about authenticity. But they wouldn’t believe the truth even when they are hit right in the face. I said it over and over again, I don’t like being desperate. If I got other people to turn to or other places to be, I wouldn’t be here. I don’t like having anxiety attacks, and I don’t like to ask for help. I wouldn’t do this if I got other things.

So to that guy, a piece of friendly advice, listen to the guy in your comments and get a confession. 

To the rest of my readers, don’t be that guy. Treat each other with compassion and respect. If you don’t agree with others, leave them be. Don’t be a piece of shit, don’t do drugs.

The least favorite chore to do is _____. Why?

I hate folding the laundry. It’s boring and time-consuming, but I do love fresh clothes, I love doing the laundry and some ironing. 

Tell us about a home-cooked meal that you cannot forget.

It’s Crispy Pata. It’s a deep-fried whole pork leg. It’s a festive dish here in the Philippines and whenever my Mom notices that I’m a bit down, she’d make one for me. I could finish a whole crispy pata by myself when I’m in the mood. 

Bonus: Is tired of the new norm?

So much. I’m tired of it and I wanted to go back to the way things were. I want to write about things I enjoy. I hated the fact that because of this pandemic, we took a huge hit and I have to explain things over and over again. I wish it would all go away, but we both know that’s not possible. That’s the thing about me, regardless of whether I like it or not, I do things when the situation demands it.

Before I end this post, I’d like to thank my friends for their support during this difficult time. You made us believe that we are worth something when people seem to turn their backs on us. I’m so thankful for your friendship and support. I wish this would be over soon. Maraming salamat at mahal ko kayo!

Please check them out!

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30 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #95

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  1. Hehe You
    Are Not the
    First Dude
    Who Didn’t
    Like my
    Trust me
    Or Not
    Don’t need
    Any More
    Attention Dude…
    i was Just Telling
    You How it looked…
    A Stack of
    For A Hand Up..
    By The Way..
    i carry no
    Money gave
    It ALL to
    My Wife…
    She Never
    Passes by
    A Homeless Person..
    Without Giving… IF and
    When that Time
    Comes For
    To Ask my
    Wife for help
    But She doesn’t
    Do it For Folks
    An Actual
    For those
    Who are
    In Real Life Do…
    Asking For Any Money…
    i would Sell my
    Shoes and go
    For my
    That’s Just
    Me You Do You…

    i Ain’t buying

    This Routine

    But it is
    Fascinating to me…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Some of the things I love about your blog, Mr. A, is that its coherent and consistent. If one would have a look back at the previous articles, they will see how your principles, be it mundane or highly philosophical, guide you throughout the years. For example, you constantly speak of taking care of one’s self, then you give us tips on homework outs, self-defense, style, and even tips on how to take care of our shoes! And you walk the talk as well: you don’t just tell us that we should take care of our shoes, you show us that your shoes are in still spotless because they are indeed well taken care of.

    I am also happy about the long list of people who supported and trusted you with your fundraiser. Even through darkness and nuisance, you are still here. Cheers to more amazing blog contents!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Ahem.. If You are a ‘Real
        Man’ How about Discussing
        The issue directly Rather Than Writing a Blog Post
        About it; this Surely
        Speaks Volumes
        About Character
        And Helped make
        My Decision on
        The Verity of Your
        Claims; but of
        Course i worked
        For the Department
        Of Defense nothing
        New for me…

        To be clear, the
        Only reason
        i came Back
        Is the notification
        From this Leslie
        Person who provided
        A Reply.. Yap some
        Now To me if You like…

        But i am advising
        You to leave
        Me out of
        It from now on…

        As You’ve Already
        Made Claims
        That Are
        Not True…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Dude in no place in
        My Blog Post is there
        Any Display Of Male Genitalia; Yet You
        Suggest i Am Naked
        on the Blog Post; i am
        Not; Not many
        Clothes but
        Just Enough….
        You Paraphrase
        Words from A Q-Anon
        Conspiracy Theorist
        Visiting my
        Blog Who
        Thinks Democrats
        Are doing Satanic
        Rituals with
        You know,
        i don’t have
        To let this Go
        But i Will… Have
        A Nice Day; Now Do You
        See Why i
        Your Claim…
        Just A Rhetorical
        Question of Course…

        Liked by 1 person

  3. 1. I smile at “…the nights could get so chilly so I sleep with a tank top or a shirt.” For me, in the mid-Atlantic of the U.S. I would freeze on a chilly night if I only wore a tank top or shirt. Chilly nights call for flannel pjs 😀 Tank tops or a lone shirt is strictly for a warm night.

    I can see how polishing shoes could be meditative.

    3. Mr. A whoever wrote that to you was just a person disatisfied with life, perhaps disastified with themselves so they try to feel better by heaping their misery on another. Reaching out to the world, your readers, friends, family, whatever is so commonplace these days due to the loss of jobs during covid19 pandemic.

    …ooooh nice shoes!

    4. I do not mind doing laundry–putting in washer and dryer. I really enjoy folding laundry fresh from the dryer. I find that therapeutic. But getting them from the laundry basket into a drawer or the closet… I have no patience for that. I will live out of a laundry basket for weeks. (bows head in shame)

    Wishing you peace of mind, and happiness.


    Liked by 3 people

      1. Don’t be a fucking hypocrite.
        You could say what you think about me, but they couldn’t say what they think about you?

        That’s what you get. Now, walk away, the more you comment, the more shit gets justified. You’ve already incriminated yourself by talking a lot of woo woo…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Dude i Just
        Suggested a Pile
        Of Boxes
        Of Shoes
        The Best
        Way to
        Solicit Donations…
        All You had to do
        Is Be A Real Man
        And directly
        Respond back
        To me if You Disagreed…
        Shouldn’t be such
        A Big Deal But
        You Fabricate
        Lies about me
        In A Blog Post
        This is
        All Just
        A Joke to
        Me but as Long
        As False Claims
        Or Suggestions
        Are made i
        Will surely
        Rectify them…

        Liked by 1 person

      3. And bro, you can’t even make one proper paragraph and you expect me to talk to you. You gave yourself a lot of credit.

        And for the record, people wouldnt even know it was you, if you didn’t comment…

        Motherfucker, is “marketing my desperation” a joke? You’re even a shittier person now for saying that.

        And bro, i didn’t make any false claims about you. What i said was, if you are happy with whatever you’re doing, I’m happy.


  4. Yes, You Did Make False Claims About me… You Took them Straight from A Q-Anon Conspiracy
    Theorist Making A comment on my Blog Site. That Comment is still there For Direct Evidence
    of what you did do.

    i’ve Already Detailed it; no need to do it again…

    i Graduated with 3 College Degrees and Retired
    From the Federal Government in ease…

    i decide the way i wanna write..

    i rule it.. no one else…

    Other than that this is a typical
    Night for me at 60.. as illustrated
    Fully Below And there are over 2000 Photos
    Just like this on my Blog as Well and even more…

    Let me know how
    you Enjoy Your
    Life at my
    Age as chances
    are i’ll still be doing this… then…

    It’s Highly Unlikely this many
    Women in one night would be all
    Glued up with me if, i wasn’t a Super Nice guy hehe..;)

    Anyway, like i said, i don’t need any more attention; proceed as you were…

    Other than that i am a Participant Anthropology Observer; this is an interesting study….

    If You Really are Struggling the Way You Say You are; i wish you the Best of Luck; that’s all….

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Not Really…
        Hehe… just wanted
        To Show you ‘a Good
        Time’ and I really
        Was trying to
        Help You with
        My reply to
        You… Other People
        Saw it the same way
        i did.. i thought perhaps
        It didn’t register that
        Way With You..

        And No.. i wasn’t
        Suggesting your
        Issues are a Joke

        Just the way You
        Handle a Few Words
        Of Common Sense

        Look at this way…
        Someone is doing
        More than agreeing
        With You.. And
        All You did
        As A Valley
        Is Try to Lower
        A Mountain…
        It doesn’t Work
        That way.. if You’ve
        Noticed… I’ve made
        No personal attacks
        Against You…
        Just assessed
        Your Behavior…

        Anyway.. if i wasn’t
        Trying to Help You…
        I’d just be Doing
        Heaven… Yep…
        Most Everyone Who
        Meets me in
        ‘Real Life’
        Wants what
        i have… it Ain’t
        Woo Baby…
        The Pics
        Don’t lie..;)

        Liked by 1 person

      1. You Just Won’t Stop while You are Ahead, Will You; Here, Let me Help You More…

        The Reason i Wear Sunglasses at Night is i lived with Type Two Trigeminal
        Neuralgia For 66 Months as A Shut-in in my Home; This Disease is
        called the Suicide Disease, assessed as the Worst Pain Known to
        Humankind that in my Case No Drug would touch for 66 Months.

        This Pain that No Drug Will touch, is like a Dentist Drill with
        No Novocaine, Except for in my Case the Pain was in
        my Right Eye and Ear; Bringing Effective Use of
        Either, Almost Impossible for that Duration;
        Along with 18 Other Medical Disorders
        in a Synergy of Life Threat; where
        i Never knew if i could Survive
        Another Second in Life;

        You have no clue my Little
        Friend of What Hell is Like;

        Yes, i understand Anxiety and
        Depression and Panic Attacks;
        And yes, i understand more Pain
        Than almost anyone can imagine;
        And Yes, i went from that place to an
        Actual Assessed Public Dance Legend
        As Documented in 1300 Comments from
        the General Public that the Metro Area made
        in a Viral Video among Many More that Video
        Voyeurs from the Metro Area, where i live, have
        Taken now in 13,916 Miles of Doing That Now..

        All in 86 Months; Same Span as My Entire Blog;

        Yes, My Blog is Long; 8.6 Million Words of Free
        Verse Flowing Poetry Similar to this but surely
        Not always with Proper Punctuation as that
        is not how you do that… and this is just
        gonna be part of that; so thanks for the
        ‘Dark Muse’.. Visiting Thousands of
        People doing this now.. You are
        Just another Drift NoW in this
        Wind for me.. i consider all
        Little Hobbies…

        Just in Case, You Wonder
        Why i had Sympathy for You,
        And was Actually trying to help You;
        Are You Capable of Empathy my Friend; Just
        A Study Question for You Next; Again, have a nice day…

        Liked by 1 person

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