TMI Tuesday #93

Hurray! H is back! And what better way to celebrate her return than an old fashioned TMI!

Name a food or drink you could never live without.

Being from South East Asia, there is no doubt that my answer would be rice. I can’t imagine living without rice. Rice is such an integral piece of Filipino culture that most of our cuisine revolves around it.

Rice is Life

I found myself enjoying some rice humor too. I’ve been watching a lot of Uncle Roger videos on YouTube. In case you still haven’t caught wind of Uncle Roger, it is a character made by Malaysian stand-up comedian, Nigel Ng. 

The internet’s favorite Asian Uncle

Name a food or drink that you think should never have graced this Earth.

Nothing, every food much like people deserve to exist and be loved or enjoyed as long as it is sustainable. Except for Gordon Ramsay and Uncle Roger, I find people who have strong opinions about food very annoying. Last time, I saw a tweet where someone is bitching about how a well-done piece of meat shouldn’t exist. The funny thing was, she is Filipino. In Filipino culture, we prefer steaks to be well done. I like mine medium rare but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like it well done. Same as pineapples on pizza, I don’t like it but I don’t hate it either and if there are pineapples on a pizza, I’d still eat it. I don’t get why most people discredit something just because they don’t like it. I also don’t get why some people react as if you killed someone when you say you don’t pineapples on a pizza. People are allowed to have an opinion, there is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is when you say that B is wrong because you like A, when in reality. B is as good as A and sometimes even better. What is wrong is when people start treating their opinions as facts.

Close to well-done

Before we proceed, please check out my little fundraiser. In case you haven’t heard, we’re about to become homeless any day now. The bank could come in and drive us away. I’m doing everything I can to prevent that from happening but I can’t do it alone. If you got 500 pesos ($10) lying around somewhere, would you consider donating it to us?

I’m already at 73k pesos and I hope you could join me in my effort. It would be a great help to us and I would appreciate it so much. 

If you had to choose between licking chocolate from your partner’s genitals or taking tequila shots from their navel, which would you choose and why?

Chocolate! I love chocolate and I don’t usually mix alcohol and sex. No more drunken wild sex for me, you could have wild sex even without alcohol. 

One of my dates with Pancake

If you had to choose between having to eat one Brussels sprout every day or never having coffee again, which would you choose? Of course elaborate.

I don’t mind eating Brussel sprouts but would mind if I don’t get to drink coffee again. Again, I don’t have very strong opinions about food. As long as it is packed with nutrients and edible, the taste only comes second. 

Coffee courtesy of my sponsor Serendipity Coffee Beans and Grounds

Give us the recipe or at least the name of your favorite cocktail.

I’m not much into cocktails but if I have to give the ones I like then it’s Old Fashioned and a Martini. Last time, I tried a Hot Toddy for my cough. I enjoyed it so much and I slept like a baby. 

Hot Toddy

Bonus: Tell us about your current food fantasy, sexual or otherwise.

Like actual playing with food? None. We did, however, played with maple syrup and ice cream. Also, we always have breakfast naked whenever Pancake gives me a visit. Another thing, I like cooking to impress the girls.

Chicken cacciatore

That is my reason for learning how to cook in the first place. I charmed a lot of my dates through food. So, you know what to expect if we’re lucky enough to date. Like Pancake once said, “I’m not prince charming, I’m the guy who wrote prince charming.”. My only flaw is that I’m poor. 

Spaghetti and Meatballs – The first dish I’ve ever cooked for Pancake

I’d like to thank my friends for their support during this difficult time. You made us believe that we are worth something when people seem to turn their backs on us. I’m so thankful for your friendship and support. I wish this would be over soon. Maraming salamat at mahal ko kayo!

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12 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #93

Add yours

  1. Okay, first, that spaghetti looks delish!
    Second, pizza is pizza! I also don’t understand pineapples on it, but no way I would disregard a pizza because it has pineapples. Nor I would throw away the fruit. I’d eat it on its own first then PIZZAAA!


  2. Warm greetings Mr. A.

    Thank you for your concern and checking on me.

    I really loved this post. Lots of great photos, info, and OMG Uncle Roger…I am his newest fan.

    – “feel up the rice” 😀 😀
    – Good to know beware of indoor kitchen invitation
    – Btw…I have two woks

    Wild sex without alcohol is best because you are so aware, senses are heightened instead of dulled.

    Oooh a good hot toddy. I have not had one of those in a very, very long time.

    I admit I am a food whore. lol lol
    I am most impressed and into men that can cook well. I was caught by my two long-term partners because they were phenomenal cooks and fed me well.

    FUIYOH – (I am impressed by this blog post)

    – H

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh, I didn’t know you were a wok fuccgirl! Hahaha, I’m kidding.

      Yeah, we also have an outdoor kitchen. And yeah, we prep the food there if we’re gonna have a party or something. I’m glad you enjoyed Uncle Roger.

      I agree, I like to be fully aware of everything when I’m having sex.

      As for the hot toddy, I’m having one now. I have a pesky cough lately.

      Oh, yes. I enjoy cooking as much as eating.

      I’m glad you enjoyed it and I’m so happy to hear from you again. 😉

      Cheers! 🍸

      Liked by 1 person

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