Survival Guide: Where to Hit Someone for Most Damage

A bit of warning before we proceed; This post is for self-defense purposes only. If you want to hurt someone just because you wanted to, stop reading right now and get the hell out here. The world is already messed up and I will not tolerate conceited jackoffs and their need to hurt others. This post is for those who want to learn how to defend themselves in cases where words and reason no longer apply.

Now that we got that clear, let’s begin.

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

The patrons have spoken and I heard them loud and clear. Today’s post would be all about self-defense. 

Being a father, there is a constant worry about my daughter’s safety. In a perfect world, no one should ever worry about their safety. If you ask me, I’d spend my waking hour to provide for my daughter and keep her safe. But, anyone who lives in the real world knows that bad things also happen to good people. I wish it won’t but that’s not how real life works. I wanted to be there, but most of the time, I can’t. I wish for world peace and for hunger to end but that’s all that is – a wish.

As much as I support my daughter’s interest in painting and dancing, I urge her to take up self-defense classes. We were supposed to go to a Muay Thai class last summer if only COVID didn’t happen. Already taught her how to throw a jab and cross. I also taught her kindness but always exercise good judgment. 

As a man, I won’t deny that violence is part of my formative years. I grew up in a rough neighborhood. Yes, the house that I’m trying to save is beside a wet market where all sorts of folks live. Back then, other kids will bully you because you go to a private school. Add the bullies that go to the said school, you will have not a choice but to learn how to deal with it. 

Most people would argue that violence is never the answer. But when an attacker doesn’t respond to reason or doesn’t give you a chance to talk, then that my friend, is the only time that violence is the answer. 

I learned that the hard way when back then, two men who I didn’t know attacked me out of nowhere. I was waiting for a ride home when two men approached me and beat me. I got my head stomped to the ground and I don’t even know why. It left a massive scar on my right brow that serves as a reminder to me. I could get into fistfights but when it’s time to fight when the situation demands it, I was helpless. That is the time that I learned my lesson. Violence is not always the answer, but it is an answer nonetheless when the situation demands it. 

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Every self-defense class starts by saying “Don’t get into fights” and I agree. You shouldn’t get into fights. If you find yourself saying “come at me bro!” then please, don’t. Yet, there are instances where you can’t run or avoid an attack. If you ever find yourself in these kinds of situations, it is important to know how to defend yourself. 

The sensitive parts of the body are the best place to hit someone; this includes the eyes, nose, and groin. The spot where sensitive organs and nerves aren’t protected by thick bones. Knowing these parts can help in fending off attackers. 

The following list contains sensitive parts of the body. Keep in mind that striking some of these areas can cause serious injury or even death. Use only when you are in a serious threat A.K.A. life or death situation. 

Armpits – a serious knuckle punch in the armpit can weaken your attacker’s arm and leave them vulnerable. 

Ankles – a good stomp on your attacker’s ankles can break joints and ligaments with ease. This will hinder your attacker’s mobility and would open an opportunity for escape.

Knees – a good kick in the knees can also immobilize your attacker and opens a chance for escape. The ligaments and tendons on the knees aren’t strong enough to withstand hard lateral blows. Kicking the front or side of the knees can cause a tear and disable your attacker. 

Groin – a literal kick in the nuts, do I still have to explain this?

Tailbone – a good kick can shatter a tailbone sending intense pain to your attacker’s rear end, low back, and legs. 

Bladder – a solid punch or kick in the bladder can leaving lasting pain to your attacker. If they are unlucky enough to have a full bladder, they would end up pissing in their pants. 

Kidney – a kidney shot can also inflict crippling pain on your attacker’s back and abdominal area. Aim your shot under the rib cage in an uppercut fashion to maximize the effectiveness. 

Solar plexus – a strong punch or kick on the solar plexus would leave your attacker gasping for air. Aim between the bottom of your attacker’s sternum and top of their stomach.

Trachea (Base of the throat) – the trachea or the windpipe is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. It could collapse the larynx and cause asphyxiation even with a light punch. Strike this area only when there is no other choice and only as a last resort. Beware of its consequence.

Side of the neck – a stern hit on the side of the neck and carotid artery could hit the vagus nerve that can cause dizziness. It could knock someone out. 

Chin – a punch to the chin forces the head to twist that could rattle the brain forcing your attacker’s lights to go out. 

The base of the skull – another sensitive part of the body; Hitting this could cause spinal cord injury. Again, strike this area only when you are in a serious situation and left with no other choice. Use only as a last resort. Beware of its consequence. 

The hinge of the jaw – striking the hinge of the jaw, below the ear could break the jaw and end an attack in an instant. 

Nose – even with little pressure, it is easy to break your attacker’s nose. The blood and the pain could stop most attackers. A broken nose also can cause disorientation as it activates the tear ducts.

Eyes – another sensitive part of the body. Hitting or gouging the eyes can cause permanent damage and use only as a last resort. A light gouging can force tears that would make it difficult for your attacker to see. 

Regardless of your training, it is important to know where to direct your blows if ever you find yourself in an unavoidable altercation. 

When words and reasons don’t work then that is the time when violence is the answer. If you find yourself reasoning and talking then please, don’t escalate. Avoid physical altercation at all costs. Don’t go puffing your chest and making petty threats to anyone, maintain a level of respect and decorum. Or else, you might find yourself on a one-way ticket to destination fucked.

Stay out of trouble, keep yourself safe, and protect yourself at all times.

To courage and freedom.

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18 thoughts on “Survival Guide: Where to Hit Someone for Most Damage

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      1. Hehe.. my Statement indicates.. i Don’t have
        To fight or carry a Gun
        Because i’m faster than
        A Speeding Bullet indeed
        In a Pandemic As Avatars
        Traveling around the Globe
        At the Speed of Fiber Optic
        Capable Wit of Clever
        Words is All one
        Needs Like
        Parables Where
        Foes Never Know
        What Hit them for
        The Bullets Pass Right
        Over their head and
        The Loving
        Those Capable
        Of Hearing Peace
        And Love have a nice
        Day i would help you
        With Money but when
        i retired i emptied all
        My Money into
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        i find Money
        It almost
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        When i worked
        For it As Most
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        Both Slave And Master
        To the Capital of the
        World Worshipped as
        God… may You one
        Day Free
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        Where Love
        Is Your Eternal
        Destination Now
        As Close As Within
        For What this Prayer
        Is Worth Soul Breathing🙏

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  1. my thoughts are: #1 slow down, panic will hurt you #2 stay in close, especially if you are smaller, leverage will be on your side #3 go for the eyes or jugular – whatever you can reach! #4 when in doubt or trouble – bite! as hard as you can and rip…. gruesome but life saving. When they scream, don’t stop – run!
    A lolly pop is more than just candy. 🙂
    Feel free to not post this, just for you and your daughter – if you are serious about real life abduction.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not that serious, but I worry about it every now and then. Those are solid points, I agree that panic never does anything but to wake you up. The lollipop is great advice, I’ll keep that in mind! =)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Good post. Yes, you have the right attitude also. Self-defense, as a last resort, is a God given right. Always do everything you can to avoid trouble, but when it backs you into a corner, you have a right to protect yourself.

    Mikki raises a good point too. The biggest benefit I got from my martial arts training was no longer carrying myself like a victim or worrying all the time. That alone will cause most bad guys to leave you alone. They prefer easy prey.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, avoid it as much as you could. Running away or backing down doesn’t make you any less of a person. But if you are left with no other choice, you should be prepared to defend yourself by all means.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. My step father was a cop…. he taught us girls to listen to our instincts, if you feel unsafe you probably are. He also taught us not to put ourselves in that position EVER. Lastly he taught us the three N’s… If a man comes after you go for the nuts, the neck and/or the nose. BTW Self defense is NOT the last resort… Being aware of your surroundings, situational awareness are self-defense and are also the first resort.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think, to get the most bang for your buck would be the knees, nose, and groin. An upward strike in the nose is sure to draw blood and as I’ve experienced, drawing blood is a deterrent.

      Liked by 1 person

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