What Most People Get Wrong About Style

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As a man, I’ve gone through a lot of journeys in life. From my journey to my career as a programmer to my journey into fatherhood, I’ve got plenty of experience to go around with. But if there is a journey that I’m fond of, it’s my journey towards style. 

I wanted something new in my life. I guess having a lackluster life makes you want that… the need to reinvent yourself and hope that everything would change for the better. You see, I’m nothing but a foolish boy back then; I never made an effort in life. I expect people to hand me things because, well, I thought I was special. It was that kind of boyhood narcissism that led to my downfall. 

You see, you only get results for the work you did. You can’t ever think that your boss would hand a promotion just because you are you. You can’t expect good things to happen to you without putting in the work. In my case, I want people to take me seriously – I wanted to have a certain image. I want to look better.

In my desire to look better, I took a journey towards style. I started to go beyond sneakers and jeans, and have gone a long way. Along this journey, I have learned a lot, not just about style but also about life in general. It’s always amazing how simple things can teach you a thing or two about life.

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So with further ado, here are the things about style the most people get wrong.

Style costs a lot of money

I said it before and I’ll say it again, just because you are poor doesn’t mean you have to look poor. Most people think that to look good they have to spend a fortune in name brands that don’t even have great quality. A good quality pair of shoes could last longer than a dozen cheap poor quality pairs of sneakers. The same thing goes with a 15 piece wardrobe that goes well with each other than a dozen pairs of jeans and t-shirts that don’t. Believe it or not, I saved money by dressing well. 

The latest trends are the greatest

Flat-out no, so don’t hop on the hype train just yet. The thing is, trends are set by a lot of people hoping to sell you their latest product. But the truth is trends fade out faster than you could say “Jack Robinson”. Trends fall out from our collective consciousness to give way to newer trends to sink our teeth into. It’s not a sustainable way to live if you ask me, instead invest in the classic and timeless. My rule of thumb is if other people wore it five years ago and could be still worn in the next five, then it’s a good buy. 

Dressing nice takes a lot of time

Another great misconception. The time it takes to put on a t-shirt is just as same when you put on a polo shirt, the same thing goes with trousers and shoes. Dressing nice doesn’t mean you have to spend an hour and a half in the morning to get dressed. This misconception is so ridiculous that you could use it to your advantage. You see, being well put together gives people the impression that you are great at working out the details. 

People judge you by your character, not with your looks

I wish it was, but as noble as the idea of being judged by your character; I’m afraid that it’s not the case in most situations. Reality is, people make judgments, and use your appearance as a default. As species, we humans are very visual and rely on our vision to make decisions. When we see a cliff, we don’t drive straight to it. We make decisions based on what looks threatening and appealing to us. It’s not even about how important you think of yourself but how serious you want to be taken. Style is not about self-importance but rather self-respect. 

There you have it, the common misconceptions about men’s style that I’ve found to be false in my journey. I hope this made you re-evaluate how you see men’s style and find the confidence to take your first step towards your style journey. 

To Courage, Freedom and Men’s Style

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8 thoughts on “What Most People Get Wrong About Style

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  1. I agree with you that the latest trends don’t mean the greatest trends. The classics endure. I also agree that a few classics that go well together will save you money compared to a bunch of cheaper clothes that don’t.

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    Are No Slave
    To That Green
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    More Specifically Dead
    Rotting Oranges 🍊 🧟‍♂️ 🧟‍♀️

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  3. Sorry I just read now your post about your Mom. She is the same age as my Mom. I wish her well and your whole family. Stay safe and I hope you guys will be able to save your family’s house. It takes a lot of courage to ask for help, especially financially. I admire you for that.

    About your post, I’m pretty sure people judge us on how we look. I know I am judged pretty well about that since I don’t dress well. I know how to dress up, but I am lazy. I know how to put on make up, but it’s just additional toxins to my skin. But still it is important to dress well accordingly to the occasion. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree about dressing for the occasion. To be honest, I’m not convinced with the saying “dress to express, not to impress”. While I’m not saying that one should go great lengths to impress someone but it is always good to give a great thought about others. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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