Master Life with These Physical Skills

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I’ve always considered myself as an inactive person. Sure, I lift weights, I competed in taekwondo in my younger years and I’m even a good swimmer and a sprinter. But besides that, I never was into sports. I’d rather watch TV, read a book or play video games when I was growing up. It was only recently that I’ve developed a profound sense of importance about my health and fitness. 

It may come to you as a surprise but I’m an introverted person, a socially awkward one too. I enjoy people’s company, I enjoy the noise and the activities that go along with it. But if you ask me, I would prefer solitude and silence. Well, life ain’t about what you want but working with what you have. As a child, I never participated much in group sports. Sure, I could catch and throw a ball but if you want me to stand out, put me in an individual event. 

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Regardless if you are introverted or extroverted, you can’t deny the fact that life is all about movement. Our ancestors survived by moving from one place to another. They foraged and hunted their way to survival, they explored the unknown and the vast. They weren’t sedentary, they figured out that the key to survival is movement. 

I approach fitness with a certain philosophical and spiritual outlook, much like a warrior scholar. After all, our bodies are the physical manifestation of us in virtue and spirit. Our actions are dictated by our virtues. We live in a physical realm, so why not take our physicality with consideration. 

I always considered certain movements as crucial to life. I know that “pull yourself together” or “lift yourself” sounds more like a cliche than a piece of actual advice. But, there is actual wisdom to it. How strongly do you have to be to lift yourself when you are down, both metaphorical and literal? I know it sounds silly comparing the physical to the metaphorical. But I’m sure you could deal with life’s hardship if you could overcome the hardship of heavy lifting. Why? Because lifting that much weight requires fortitude, discipline, determination, strength. It develops not only the body but also the character. 

With that said, here are the physical movements that are crucial to life.


Life is a balancing act, it is only reasonable that you master how to balance. Balancing skills are often overlooked because it is often approached slowly and steadily. It is not as taxing as an exercise. Improving balance improves strength and coordination; it enhances stability, mobility, flexibility. 

Exercises: Agility ladder drills, Tightrope walks.


Walking along with running is our most basic mode of transportation. It is our primary way of getting into places. It is also the best form of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. I cannot say enough word on how important walking and running is in our lives. Unfortunately, running and walking also come with a high injury rate. However, you could prevent running and walking injuries with good technique. 

Exercises: Walk and running with proper technique


My favorite of all physical movements, despite being only third on my list. In a man’s life, you sometimes have to lift yourself whenever you are down. A man must process a certain grace under pressure and must not crumble under the weight of it. 

Exercises: Deadlift, stone lift, tire lift


In life, you must have a certain way of carrying yourself. How one carries himself tells you much about him. Carrying one’s weight forces you to develop a certain kind of mindset. It creates a certain self-reliant mentality and outlook towards life. 

Exercises: Farmer’s Walk, Loaded carry exercises


To know your true edge, you have to push your capacity. What is a man if he can’t push the limits? It allows us to go further and reach farther, pushing your self to be better. Pushing means you are acknowledging the limit and your determination to overcome it. 

Exercises: Push-up, Bench Press


There is no denying that there are certain moments in life that you are slowly losing grip. Sometimes, you can’t seem to get a break and always find yourself at the losing end of the stick. Pulling yourself together is not only a crucial skill in life but also a life saving one. 

Exercises: Pullup, rows


Speaking of being on the losing end of the stick, there are instances in life where you are down and you can’t seem to get up. Sometimes, what separates surviving and dying on the spot, is to crawl. Crawling your way out makes all the difference between safety and ruin. You are in danger but you are still not giving up.

Exercises: Army Crawl, Bear Crawl

While we could argue what the best training is, you can’t deny that training develops a character. As I’ve said earlier, I approach physical training with a certain philosophy to it. Training not only develops the body but also the mind and spirit that no book could ever sustain. It takes a certain kind of outlook in life to do 100 push-ups or lift a heavy stone off the ground. Mastering the use of your body in day to day situations or emergencies is satisfying. It makes you confident in navigating your path in life. Every man should know how to move in his environment and his life. Life, after all, is movement and if you no longer move, then you’re dead. 

To Courage, Freedom, and Movements!

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  1. Love this post! So many ways to balance your physical health and I appreciate the examples of exercises you listed for each section. If we think about exercise in a more spiritual way of healing rather than a socially-accepted viewpoint I think a lot of people would be more willing to attain to it. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. I know right! It’s not only for healing but for living. Tackling daily challenges with a healthy body and a profound outlook in life!
      Thanks for dropping by! Cheers! 🍸


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      2. Sure, I would like to clear all your doubts but before that, I would like to mention that WordAllure is an international platform, a non profit organization. It has various aspects and benefits for different people in different departments. So, can you be more specific about what are you expecting from us?

        Kanishka Baranwal
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  2. Lively discussion Mr. A! If you don’t use, you’ll likely lose it. My two primary modes for physical activity are walking (which helps me to preserve better balance) and indoor biking (great aerobic exercise).

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