TMI Tuesday #84

What is the last song you sang?

“Black steel and iron

A lionheart is forged from these bones

Fear not, the discontent you hide

Awake from the slumber and define this time” 

Machine Head, Now We Die

I love Machine Head’s Bloodstone and Diamonds album. It’s trashy, full of angst, and the right amount of melody. I didn’t outgrow loud angry music, and I never will. I did outgrow the aesthetics though, I cut off my hip-long hair and traded my band shirts to dress shirts. I’m still heavy metal at heart. I learned that in life you are never dedicated to something that you have confidence in. There is no need to shout how much you love something if you love it. I still do keep my heavy metal shirts and wear them from time to time. 

What place are you longing to visit?

A lot! There are a lot of places I’ve been longing to visit. Pre-COVID lockdown, I long to visit a bookstore in BGC. Then there’s Maginhawa Street which is a long strip of small restaurants and eateries in Manila. There’s Trinoma, and of course, Cubao Expo. Now that there’s COVID, I long in spending a night with Pancake on our special room. Then get to dine at Kitchen Tomato for some udon or Meatplus for a great burger.

Well, I never go to places when I have no reason to. To be honest, I hated the notion of using traveling as a cure to life’s problems. Whatever problems you’ve got, traveling won’t solve it. Your problems here are the same problems you will think of, once you are there. 

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Tell us about the last time you were insulted?

In a normal circumstance, I try to ignore insults as they are never worth the time and attention. Yet, there are moments like a few evenings ago where I’m not in the mood for anything. I’m tired, overwhelmed and I’m not in the mood to listen. So, imagine my surprise when someone commented saying that I got greedy that is why I got scammed. Then tell me that we create our reality and she is trying to convince of looking up the teachings of someone. Given that I’m not in such a good mood that night, I felt insulted by the comment. I don’t believe in absolutes, we shape our reality as much as our reality shapes us. The goal in life is to co-exist with others, not to prove others wrong. I’m glad that it was resolved and ended up making friends with the person. 

When was the last time you hung out with anyone, not in your immediate household? What did you do? 

A friend dropped by to lend me his spare camera and I had a great time catching up. It’s nice to have great friends who support you. He has been a reader of this blog and supports it in any he could. I’ve always tried to keep my connection through my friends available anytime. It sucks when “friends” only turn you in times of need. So, I make it a habit not to wait for the time I needed friends before I reach out to them. It makes you a good person and a better friend in doing so.

Fill in the blank: I spend a lot of hours _____. 

Writing, promoting, reading, and fathering. I’m putting all my effort into making sure that this blog grows with substance and numbers. I’m happy with what I accomplished but I won’t stop here, I can’t stop here. Contentment is important as well as justifying your contentment. I’m in this to win, whatever it takes. I know that I could do more in giving my readers great content. 

Bonus: Which is worse–smelly feet or smelly breath? 

Smelly breath! That’s nasty. I remember a colleague who has smelly breath and I couldn’t stand it. I avoid talking to him up close. Oral hygiene is a must, before anything else. You may have the brightest smile or the most charming attitude, but if your breath stinks, it’s game over. Smelly feet can be can manage more than a smelly breath.

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10 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #84

Add yours

    1. I’m not your Superwoman
      I’m not the kind of girl that you can let down
      And think that everything’s okay
      Boy, I am only human 🎶

      I think this is one of the songs that every man should listen to, to understand the feminine perspective. Most men think a strong woman is always okay. I think that every woman deserves to be cared for, understood and loved.

      On a side note, I got a crush on Kara Zor-el. Me and my daughter love the show! 😅


  1. Longing to visit – Every year I plan on driving to the islands of Scotland during mid-summer, every year something happens to stop me….I was determined to this year when I failed last June. Nothing would stop me! Turns out Covid did.

    Liked by 1 person

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