Manhood and the Need to Believe

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Religion and politics: two topics that I’m avoiding like the plague. Because let’s be honest, these two caused more divide than solidarity. With the way things are going right now, it’s easy to cancel each other out than to seek common ground. I don’t know about you but I’m not about that, I’m all about co-existence, goodwill, and acceptance. Yet, I am willing to talk about spirituality and a man’s need to believe in something. 

As you all know, a part of my Patreon rewards is taking on requests made by patrons. I hesitated at first when a patron asked me to write about spirituality. Spirituality is tied to religion in a more traditional sense and that’s what makes me second guess myself. But fret not, I am a professional and I will rise to the occasion. 

I’m born and raised a Catholic, went to a Catholic school, studied the sacraments, the whole shebang. So you’d be surprised to know that I don’t practice the religion. With all that conditioning you’d be expecting that I will be a devout Catholic, but I didn’t. While many tied their spirituality to a creed, I tied my spirituality to something else. 

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Regardless of what a man believes in, there is no denying his need to believe in something or someone. What would a man be if he doesn’t treat something with certain sacredness? I may not believe in religion, but I found my spirituality in something else. Nothing could humble you than time and nothing could ever teach you like life. My spirituality may not be tied to a particular book or deity but I do believe in something. If you hold that against me, I’m alright with that, after all, I’m not in the business of changing people’s minds. But enough of that, I’m here to talk about a man’s need to believe in something not about what I believe in.

Since ancient civilization, men are always eager to believe in something. Because without any sort of belief, he wouldn’t have any form of morality. Believe me, even those who do not practice religion like me can be spiritual and has a moral standard. I believe in man’s affinity for destruction as well as his ability to do good, thus I hold human life above all else. No one is below or above anyone else; people can be different but will always and forever be equal. 

Unless he wanted life to be a joke to him, a man needs to believe in something. His whole existence would be profane when he holds nothing as sacred. He will go on through life with nothing. He expects nothing and treats everything like nothing, thus cannot be trusted. How can you trust someone who values nothing?

The good thing is, I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t believe in anything. There is always something to believe in, there is no shortage of it. The important thing is a man believes in something.

How about you, in what or whom do you believe in?

To Courage, Freedom, and Spirituality!

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16 thoughts on “Manhood and the Need to Believe

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  1. Love It
    All Free

    What i LEarN From
    Writing An 8.2 MiLLioN
    Word Epic Longest Form
    Bible Poem Fully Illustrated
    With over 100 Thousand
    Photos i Take Accompanied
    By over 10,000
    You Tube
    With 13,366
    Miles of Public
    Dance in 82
    Never Earning
    A Penny only Doing
    It Giving a
    Of My Soul
    Away For Free Steps
    And Words Flow
    It All
    To Show
    For Heaven Now
    Be Naked Be Free
    Just Be i Am to See
    For me
    at Least..:)

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  2. Well, spirituality and religion are, more often than not, polar opposites. The way I see it is that spirituality is something that should bring about a huge shift in consciousness while most religious people stay in low consciousness

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    1. Thats right! Thou in a more traditional sense, most people associate it as such. Thou for me, I consider myself a spiritual man despite not being tied to religion.

      I love your definition of spirituality and religion! Cheers! 🍸

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I also avoid religion in my blog because I am now secular for more than 40 years (left Catholic church at the age of 18). We need to concentrate on common and mutual values, otherwise it is a mess. Cheers from Berlin 🙂

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