TMI Tuesday #81

What do you think are the best and worst parts of human nature?

Mankind’s indomitable spirit is the best part of human nature. We as a species might not be the smartest or strongest but we sure don’t go down with a fight. If ever we do, we don’t stay down. It amazes me how we always manage to get on our feet even when the chips are down. 

The worst part: mankind’s incessant selfishness. Humans are great at telling other humans how to live their lives but have no idea how to live theirs. We are great at talking about our self and say it’s not selfish. Yet, we don’t live our lives the way we want it because we deemed it too selfish. I don’t understand that. 

What is something terrifying that you have come to accept as a fact of life?

That things never end and that life is volatile as it gets. A man cannot be complacent in life, it must be a constant effort to prove himself and be better. A man’s life is a constant challenge or a celebration of his manhood. A man cannot stay as something for so long, it must be a constant struggle to remain where he is. If he likes his job, then he must do everything to keep it. If he likes to keep his friends, he must be a good friend. If he loves his woman, then he must prove his love to her. A man cannot expect things to go his way then do nothing about it. 

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What piece of media (book, movie, TV show, etc.) changed the way you viewed the world? How?

For movies, Yes Man. It sounded silly the first time I watched it. The idea of saying yes to everything sounded ridiculous but as I came to realize that it’s not as silly as I used to think. By saying yes to people, you are making it more about them and less about you. You are giving way for others and make an appeal to their self-interest. You see, you can’t expect people to hand you things. You have to give them a reason to give it to you. Most people act like other people owe them something. 

You must pick one:

Facebook or Twitter?

I’ve been active on Twitter lately doing my promotions and made a few friends along the way. It’s funny because I don’t have that many connections on my personal social media accounts. I like to keep things separated and keep it private. Some readers made an effort to reach out to me on my personal accounts but I have to decline for safety reasons. If you want to reach out, 

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Cake or Pie?

Chocolate Cake!!!!!! 

Swimming or Sunbathing?

I love to swim! It’s one of the things you pick up if you live in one of the tourist spots in the Philippines. I live near the beach and I take a swim whenever I get the chance. 

Nice Car or Nice Home Interior?

Is it too much to ask for both?

Bonus: If pressing a button meant you received 5 million dollars (USD) but it also killed 5 people somewhere in the world, would you press it?

Gah, why did you have to ask such a difficult question? I need money right now, given the quarantine situation and with what happened in May. I’d like to say that if those are bad people then yes, I do. But no, no matter how desperate I get, I can’t deprive someone with their right to live. It’s not even a question of kill or be killed but killing for a ridiculous amount of money. I needed the money right now but no so, I guess I’ll keep on promoting my Patreon page. 

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  1. The worst thing about humans is the need to put one set down in order for another to feel superior( the aristocrats and serfs, slave and master) One the other hand most people are inherently good

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  2. Indomitable spirit.. I suddenly remember a clip from a news a few days after Haiyan hit the PH: neighbors talking to each other, having a good laugh because she lost her slippers during the typhoon; and so she picked up any slipper she could find. She got a pink floral slipper on one foot and a green one on the other. Oh well, we survive, we are surviving, and life has to go on 🙂 Love this one again Mr. A!

    The last line of this entry is witty!


      1. It’s a film set in the 50s in America. It’s about a poor dysfunctional family who are part of a gang. They clash with the rich kids in school a lot, so it’s essentially about class and privilege. It’s just brilliant.

        Liked by 1 person

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