TMI Tuesday #79

It’s all about getting your hands dirty. 

The best part of your job is _____.

What job? I’m unemployed and I make a living on all sorts of things. I buy and sell books, make profits in microloans, and all sorts of investments. I make a little bit of money in Patreon making exclusive content, and taking on requests.

Of course, the best part is always making money because I earned it and I didn’t cheat or steal to get it. Then there’s blogging, the creative side of things, I’d be honest, I’m not much of an artistic person but I do like having an outlet. I need to do something positive with my energy to keep my sanity. 

Funny because all I’ve talked about is work, a means to make money but if you ask me, my real job is being a father. It’s the best and only job I got. So what best about being a father? There’s no actual reward for being a father, the only reward for being a father is I get to be a father. 

My favorite quote is _____.

You don’t get heaven or hell. Do you know the only reward you get for being Batman? You get to be Batman.

Neil Gaiman, Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?

As I’ve said in my first answer, the only reward I get for being a father is I get to be a father. What I love about this quote is that it applies to everything about being a man. Try changing the word “Batman” to “a man”. This answers everything with today’s toxic masculinity and male entitlement. It is wrong to see masculinity as a reward because it is a duty. That’s where the misguided sense of entitlement most men have is coming from. Manhood is a duty to yourself and to others, the only reward you get for being a man is you get to be a man. 

Marth having a conversation with Bruce in the afterlife.

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The best part of my day is _____.

The best and worst part of my day is when I get to finish the day’s tasks. Yes, there is a great sense of accomplishment but there is also emptiness to go along with it. I always ask myself “what now?” or “what to do next?”. However, nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment. It’s that feeling of finishing a workout or fixing your bed right after you wake up, even finishing a great write up. 

What is the hardest part of your job? How do you deal with it?

Time Management. The day ends but the work never does. There is so much to do with very little time. I always try and work with a schedule and stick with it. I don’t function well without it. As a blogger, I try to make a list of things to write and I try not to rely on motivation or inspiration. I rely on grit, discipline, and determination. 

You must write a “how-to guide” about something for which you have expertise. What is this guide about or tell us the title?

I never consider myself an expert but I’m confident about style. I would name it “Getting Things Done and Look Good While Doing It: A How-to Guide in Adding Flair Into Your Life Without Sacrificing Who You Are”. It’s part virtue and philosophy book and part style book. I’ve been asked many times about writing a book and I never figured out what I want to write about. This question has given me a great idea,

Bonus: What would you name your boat?

“MAKISIG”, a Filipino word meaning dashing, well dressed, or gorgeous. I’m guessing you already figured out why. 

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