What Happened in May…

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

I don’t even know where to start. There comes a time in a man’s life where he finds himself on his knees and asking the heavens, why? Why does such tragedy befall him at such a difficult time? I for one never believed in karma, I never believed that the universe has a way of leveling the field. I believed that bad things do happen to good people. I believed that people get what they get regardless of what they deserve. That is the human condition. 

If you’ve ever noticed, I have been absent for almost a week. I missed two of my scheduled posts and never gave any replies to some of the comments. With every bit of the sincerity my heart could muster, I apologize to you. I got a lot to process right now so, I’m sorry, I’m not ignoring you. I am at the point where you could say I’ve hit rock bottom. 

Before anything else, I would like to express my gratitude and loyalty to my sponsors. Thank you for having my back on such a difficult moment. We may not agree on everything but you always believed in my vision and good intentions. With that said, I would like you to know that you could expect me to have your back in any situation. Patron or not, you have been great friends. On behalf of my daughter and me, thank you so much.

What would you do if someone offered you an investment that has a 25% return of investment in a month? I thought it was too good to be true. So, I did my research and talked to anyone involved including people I knew in person. 

Given the quarantine situation, I got no work, I got no stable cash flow, I got desperate. I got some money lying around, profits from the peer to peer lending that I’m doing before the quarantine. There is money to make in doing microloans to peers but there is no money during the quarantine. So, I took the money from my P2P lending, both capital and profits and I invested it, $300 worth (15,000 in Philippine Peso). 

Everything was going great for the last two weeks. I’ve been receiving a stable part of my money back until everything stopped. It was last Tuesday, I bought my daughter a Happy Meal from McDonald’s. I remember being so happy watching her enjoy her Happy Meal, I’m happy that I finally caught a break. Believe me when I say that all I want in life is to have decent savings, pay the bills, and have some extra for the kid. Life was tough even before COVID-19 but I still managed, until now. The investment vanished, and the people running it are nowhere to be found. They’ve run away with my money, I got cheated off, I got scammed.

Now, I don’t even know where to start, $300 is serious money here in the Philippines. Worst of all, it was humiliating to admit this to you. One of the few rules I have in life is to not allow yourself to get desperate. It is humiliating to admit that I got desperate. This blog is one of the good things that is happening for me right now but I have no choice. This may destroy my integrity and credibility as a blogger. 

One of my favorite movies is Cinderella Man, starring Russel Crowe. It was a biopic of boxer James Braddock and his struggles during the depression era. There was this one scene where he begs his former colleagues for some spare change. From being boxing’s top contender to begging to keep the electricity on and keep his children. From being on top of the world to begging for work at the docks. But he never results in cheating and stealing to meet ends.

So now, I would like to appeal to you, not to the goodness of your heart but in your self-interest. Humiliating as it already is, I come to you beg for help, not out of pity but for work. 

I’ve recently updated my Patreon page. I started to offer a bunch of things like exclusive content and requests. If you have some change to spare and want to help, please visit my Patreon page here


I know what I’m offering isn’t much but I will give you my promise to work for it and give you as much value for your money’s worth. Remember that you don’t have to if you don’t want to. To be honest, I want to write, make ends meet, and buy my kid a Happy meal now and then. Your help would go in keeping our lights on and pave the way for a bright future. I promise to work hard in giving out a better “Mr. A” experience for you and the rest of my readers. I have poured my heart and soul into this blog and will forever be free. 

For a young Mr. A, the only thing that mattered is who gets the girl and who drives the coolest car. He never got the chance to get both. Now, all that matters to him is that little kid who, even at his worst, never stops believing in him. That kid who, no matter how many flaws and failures he has, keeps on loving him. 

A lot of things never turned out the way I wanted to, writing and this blog seems to be the only thing working for me. I would do anything to keep her heart from loving and her light from shining even brighter the way I know-how. I have poured my heart and soul into this blog and in loving that child. 

I wish I could give a toast but things are not great right now, I’m sorry.

“The thing is I can’t afford to pay the heat and I had send my kids to live with relatives, they keep cutting shifts down at the dock, you just don’t get picked every day, I sold everything I got to anybody who would buy, I went on public assistance at the relief office, they gave me nineteen dollars, I need another eighteen dollars and thirty eight cents so I can pay the heating bill and get the kids back, you all know me well enough to know, if I had anywhere else to go I wouldn’t be here, if you could help me through this time I would surely be grateful” – James Braddock, Cinderella Man

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44 thoughts on “What Happened in May…

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  1. Please hold on Mr. A! I can’t help you other than wishing and praying with all of my heart that all works out with you because I’m not 18 yet. I sincerely hope you get the best and everything you want to get, Mr. A! Stay strong!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Well, I’m dreaming about what probably won’t happen again. I’m inventing Festivals. I got a little fat during the lockdown, I think I’ll be better afterwards (I’m still a girl). 🙂 Good luck and… well, you’re a “real” man – and you have a love to protect. Then you’ll have the resource inside you to save her.

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  2. Dear M. A, sorry to read about your actual situation. Sorry I cannot help financially. But hang in there, it’s not indefinite and I’m sure that you’ll succeed with your writing. Take good care of yourself and your kid.

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  3. Oh dear Mr. A….i dont know where and how to begin…honestly…my heart bleeds for people like you who try to make a decent and get cheated or scammed…madami pa din ba talaga dian sa atin?..in the middle of pandemic? Heartless and cruel….arrgggh….

    Boarders have opened and i am just waiting for a signal to fly back to where i am suppose by then i could be one of your Patreon sponsors..

    As someone older and have been through in life before getting to where i am…i am tempted to lecture you but nahhh i’d rather not i am sure you had a lot of it already.. ..so let me say that i hope people change..change and never use other people to profit or benefit on something..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Mich! Thank you
      I know and I blame myself for that, Many are desperate right now, and I allowed myself to be desperate too. But still, I need to keep working and keep the ball rollin

      Again, thank you. That means so much to us.


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      1. Hang on there Mr. A. …things will be in place ..just believe…

        I love the idea of you buying your daughter a happy meal.

        Last christmas we gave out around 150 packs of happy meals to kids in our neighborhood.


  4. Mr A, you have learned a valuable lesson, there is no such thing as a get quick rich scheme, you got greedy and you got scammed. But you scammed yourself for getting involved in something you knew deep down was wrong. We create our reality and you created that reality for yourself. But you can create a better reality by believing that your life will get better and it will.

    The universe taught you a lesson, now stay positive get yourself out of your problems by believing that you have a better life, don’t expect others to pay for your bills, they are your responsibility – ‘there are no victims here’.

    Read up on Neville Goddard, and follow his principles and you will be fine and will prosper.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Lady, I’m gonna be polite about this… I don’t get where you got the idea that I got greedy or to insinuate that I’m letting others pay for my bills.
        I work for whatever money I get from patrons.

        I will take that you only wanted to help, but you seem to be intent on how I should live my life.

        Mind your own…


      2. we create our reality, whatever happens in our lives we create it, once you realise that you will know how to create the life that you want. You gambled your money on a scam, which put you in a vulnerable place, you created that, the people might have took your money but you created the reality that made it happen, so create what you want, I am trying to help you. Learn about Neville Goddard and you will understand what I am talking about, and you will see.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. It’s settled then… This conversation could have gone for the better. But you seemed to have a pretty good idea of how others should live their lives. I’m a very respectful person but how you insinuated things about me is just beyond rude. And the way you push your beliefs into others is worst.

        I respect your beliefs, but please don’t ever tell me what I can or I cannot do nor imply that I’m cheating on anybody.


      4. one of the hardest things in our lives as a human is to accept that we create our reality our lives, that what we think, feel and our vibration is responsible for what happens to us. I know that may sound weird to you, it was to me too, and as we create our reality, as in what happens to us I merely trying to say that if bad things happen to us then we can make good things happen to us. The power always lies with us, all of us, its not me saying the way anyone should live there life, its the way we all live our lives. I don’t remember saying you were cheating.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Lady, those kids who got blown off to bits because they stepped on a landmine, is that their fault? How about those young girls who got raped by their piece of shit dad, is that their fault? You’re clearly trying to be a zen guru but you got no idea what you are talking about…
        I don’t need nor appreciate your help…


      6. Lady, look, I know are just trying to help and I really don’t mind the comments. I made a reputation for being respectful here. But the thing is, you can’t tell me that it was my fault and I got greedy that’s why I got scammed. Then your are gonna force me to do research on the teachings of someone that I barely know of. It’s like saying it’s the rape victims fault they got raped and forcing someone to change religion just because you said so. Based on how you speak for yourself, I’m glad that things are working out for you. But for the rest of us who isn’t, its not entirely our fault. I’m all for acceptance and seeking a common ground for people to co-exist in. But if you keep on talking as if there is no better way to live other than yours, that’s where we’re gonna have problems with. I hope you could imagine my position, I was minding my own business when all of a sudden a comment saying that it’s my fault that bad things happen to me then proceed to preach me about the teachings of whoever that person is.


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