Fundamentals of Style: Understanding Color Part II

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In the first part of Understanding Color, we’ve talked about what color suits you best and a way to figure it out. Men should have a signature color but that doesn’t mean he should avoid other colors. 

You see, colors have the power to conjure up emotions and deliver a message as well. No wonder big companies make effective use of colors in marketing and branding.

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What would our life be without colors? It’s pretty boring don’t you think? I can’t imagine life in black and white, with shades of gray. Well, It ain’t colorful.

The presentation is half the battle and colors are part of the presentation. Colors can trigger certain emotions that affect your presentation. While I do believe that a person can wear any color as long as it suits them, I also believe that they should wear color on how others perceive them in mind. 

Let’s say you are to prepare for a job interview and you want to project an image of dependability and trust. Would you wear a maroon suit or a navy blue one? If I’m correct you’d pick the navy blue over maroon, not that there’s anything wrong with maroon. 

Now that we got that out, here are the colors and the emotions that they try to invoke.

Red – is usually the most attention-grabbing of all colors, hence used in warning signs. It evokes passion, desire, and power. Wear red when you want people to take notice. This could be seen during presidential interviews, often a president will be wearing a red tie. 

Brown – is more reserved and not looking to stand out. Light brown evokes honesty and stability while dark brown evokes maturity and wisdom. Wear brown as one of your fundamental colors as it is casual and signifies readiness to do work.

Orange – is more joyful and evokes enthusiasm, happiness. Wear orange to appear cheerful and approachable. Wear it as ties, pocket square or accessories. 

Blue – is confident and familiar, hence trust. It evokes peace, flexibility, and intelligence. Lighter shades of blue are inviting and free while darker shades of blue signify responsibility and dependability. Blue is a great color for suits, trousers, jeans, and shirts. 

Yellow – is energetic. It evokes a sense of honor and loyalty. Same as orange, wear it as ties, pocket square or accessories, and on some occasion as a shirt.

Green – is the color of nature. It evokes modesty and sincerity. Much like brown, green is the color that signifies readiness to do work or getting your hands dirty. The only difference between brown or khaki is that green is a much less versatile color. 

Pink – is calming and non-threatening, It evokes innocence, tenderness, and youth. I love wearing pink, and I’d suggest more men wear pink. It’s a fun color to wear. 

Purple – is mysterious. It evokes curiosity, wealth or royalty and another color that I love wearing, much like pink. Lighter shades of purple signify luxury while darker shades signify mystery. 

Gray – is practical and conservative. If there is a color that I wear more it is gray. Gray is the right color when white is too boring and can’t wear black. Gray is the perfect way to balance things out or middle ground. 

White – is the color of perfection, It evokes cleanliness and purity. The quintessential color in any means wardrobe, especially in warmer climates like what I have here. 

Black – denotes authority. It evokes power, elegance, and formality hence the black-tie events. Black shoes and a black tux for formal events like weddings, funerals or red carpet events. Black is often reserved for formal events but can be used in casual outfits like black boots, shirt, and jackets. 

So there you have it, I hope with part 2, we now have a better understanding of how color works. I hope you enjoy our journey into style and colors. Please keep in mind that these are only my two cents of the matter and serves only as a guide to the many paths to looking great.  


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17 thoughts on “Fundamentals of Style: Understanding Color Part II

Add yours

    1. Hi Arbie! I just noticed your name, it’s nice that you only have to change a letter to spell out my real name!

      Yes, I know right? The color pink is awesome!

      Cheer! 🍸


  1. I guess I fall on some occasions. You see I love the color yellow. I love to wear yellow in the summer. Not a simple shirt but a wonderful bright yellow dress. Nice post today. Glad you enjoyed Pancake. I hope she is reading this

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Cheers to color! It’s a subject which I find fascinating. The different shades of one color make a difference in what they evoke also. Pale pink for example, is indeed soft, but a vibrant “hot” pink is fun, energising and sociable; it brings a feeling similar to orange.

    It is also interesting to know which colors a person hates … what does that say about them? I hate all shades of brown and earth tones, as well as the darker shades of blue. … I am not a responsible, dependable person and don’t want to be. 😄

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Hi Ambre! Thanks for dropping by!
      Yes, the shade plays a great factor in matching colors. I love pale pink as it just matches my skin color.

      As for dislikes, I can’t say dislike but I don’t wear oranges. As for browns and navy blues, I love em!


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi, Mr. A, I’m glad to know! Someone has to be responsible. 😉 I don’t wear orange either, as it makes me look rather sickly, but I love it, as well as hot pink. But I like to surround myself with these colors while wearing things that look better on me.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I absolutely love color theory and enjoy using it to understand people. When asked “what’s your favorite color?” Something like 70% of people say blue. Especially men. But orange is the perfect complement to blue and together that tells a very different story: dependable with a spark 😊. I also note the colors associated with each chakra, which sometimes indicates people’s energy focus areas.


      1. My husband has a beautiful soft cashmere purple sweater. Whenever he wears it….yum! It’s not only the color but the texture that says “Hey I am a confident man who also has a soft side.”


    1. I remember the style book you recommend to me back then, one of the major principles in the book is understanding how color works. That was the idea behind the post! So, thank theresaly for recommending that book! Cheers! =)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aw, you remembered! I’m glad there was inspiration there. I was just creating a flyer for a gentleman who I’ve invited to be a speaker. Choosing color schemes to go well with his suit was an interesting process for me. It’s amazing the perception that color has on the human mind! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Insightful response and true! Often I wonder when leaders use style to signify worth of the companies they lead. Style has been ingrained in me since I was a kid. So I’m endlessly fascinated by trends

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hmmm, when I think about this. I could think of the Silicon Valley moguls and the people from Shark Tank. The hotshots from Silicon Valley have a youthful and simple style to signify that you can relate to, while the people from Shark Tank has a dependable and “tried and tested” kind of vibe. Another person I could think of is Tom Ford. When you see Tom Ford, you could genuinely say the guy has good taste. Hence you could expect him to make you look good. 😊


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