TMI Tuesday #69

Masayang Martes sa inyong lahat! Never underestimate the power of words!

What word is a lot of fun to say?

In English, mouthfeel… though it is a legit word, it sounded naughty and fun to say. In my native language, a lot; Now is a great time to teach you some naughty Filipino words, don’t you think? Comment down below for any naughty words you would like me to translate in Filipino. 

What is your go to euphemism for sexual intercourse?

“Screwing the brains out”, “gettin down and dirty”. “Kantutan” isn’t really a euphemism but rather another term for sex in a Filipino dialect. Words are fun, as well as serious. There is a certain weight to words, which is why men should be a master of words. Learn how to do what you say, and say what you do. 

What current trend do you hope will go away very soon? 

Nothing. The funny thing about trends is that they always fade out sooner or later. There will always be something that will succeed in toppling a status quo may it be music or fashion. Trends will always address the weakness of the previous trend until a new one comes along. It becomes a perpetual cycle of change. 

If you could hack into any one computer, which computer would you choose? 

I’ve already answered this one before. My answer is still the same, I love secrets. Secrets are intimate, and can often lead to one’s downfall. Yet, I am a great keeper of secrets, especially in friends. I’d hack any computer with secrets and be quiet with what I would find out. 

Would you rather never be stuck in traffic again or never get another cold? Why?

Never get another cold, I could catch a cold as 1-2-3. My usual morning consists of a lot of sneezing. Plus the most profound conversations I had in life occur during traffic. I live in a small town where traffic is not a part of everyday life, Manila traffic has been a part of my relationships.

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19 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #69

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  1. Mr. A. I used to grow up in Philippines. There are certain words and syllables that can be made into 1 sentence—-Babababababababababababababababbabababba—depending on intonation,it means something. Funny but true.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yup.You were probably still in diapers when i left Manila.. I still keep up to date with what’s going on in good old “Pinas—-the 2 digital newspapers—The Inquirer and the Philippine Star.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Always remember,your blog can reach any Pinoy expat anywhere in the world. One thing I can say about living in Philippines—it is more modern now and i still miss the food. Good thing,Oriental groceries are around here .

        Liked by 2 people

      3. 👍👍 The original crispy pata recipe was created by the owner of Barrio Fiesta Restaurant if it is still around. I love dipping it in toyo,sukang puti and lots of bits of chili peppers and sili labuyo.


  2. Words are beautiful, I think the sexiest thing a man has ever whispered to me was “make love to me please”. It was a beautiful moment followed by more great moments. Lol Words are also powerful and magical. I encourage caution with some and say others are not said enough! I love your posts! Just wonder how you feel about music. For me music is just as powerful.

    Liked by 1 person

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