TMI Tuesday #68

On the question of becoming 100% authentic or hand-crafted, choose hand-crafted. Happy Tuesday guys!

What time of the day do you feel the most energetic and what do you usually do in those moments?

After I had my coffee. I usually spend those moments writing, managing or doing something with my bare hands. Some of my greatest ideas came after I had my daily dose of caffeine. I also love the ritual of preparing my coffee, it has a calming effect that prepares me for the tasks at hand. 

What’s the coolest thing about your life?

The coolest “thing” would be my small collections of books and shoes. While it’s not impressive when compared to other collections, I am proud of what I have curated. A pair of boots that lasted longer than my usual relationships and books that I worked hard to get. The money I spend on buying those cannot even compare to the effort I put in getting and maintaining them. I clean my shoes and dust the books weekly to keep them in pristine conditions. I got books that cost nothing more than 8 pesos (16 cents USD) yet consider them absolute gold. I got Steve Madden boots that are garbage quality lasting more than I expected. 

When are you most yourself?

When I’m with Pancake. That is the only time I could be myself at my honest self and that only happens for a weekend every two months. At Least I could still talk to her via IM. Being a man, there are certain masks you have to wear, that is why a man should be “hand-crafted” rather “100% authentic”.

Would you rather be an ugly genius or a hot moron? 

It depends if it’s an ugly useful genius or hot useful moron. Funny thing, back then I used to regard intellect as the “end all, be all” of things. As I grow, it became clear to me that intellect doesn’t mean anything without becoming useful. Looks also go as such, good looks don’t mean anything if you can’t be useful. 

Would you abandon your phone, internet, family, and friends for three months for a prize of 1 million dollars?

I couldn’t even last three days without my daughter, how much more if three months. If you would ask me if I needed the million dollars? Badly, but I guess I could get it by other means. 

Bonus: If you could wave a magic wand right now and have your life be perfect, what would that new life look like? 

Stinkin’ filthy rich… Then, I could worry about the things the money can’t solve. A nice car, so in case I have to cry, I would cry myself in a sports car rather than public transit. An expensive suit, so if I’d face my enemies, I’d face them wearing the finest from Savile Row rather than tattered rags. 

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5 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #68

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  1. SMiLes in Short i wanna
    Be More than a Picture..
    i wanna Move, Connect,
    And Co-Create totally Free…
    SMiLes.. Essence More Important than Form for me
    But True When Essence Dances and Sings Free
    Form Will Come Naturally Even Greater
    than before
    this Way
    True Now
    As Wings
    Marble Statues
    Dead Now Alive…:)

    Liked by 1 person

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