Enjoy your Friends’ Criticism

Greetings Barbarian! Long days and pleasant nights!

Quick question, have you been at the receiving end of your friends’ criticism or jokes? How did you take it? I’m guessing not quite well and if I were to deduce, the jokes were below the belt and the criticism, very hurtful. I could even be brave enough to say that it is downright bullying. 

Let me be the first to tell you that it is all right. It happens to me and I’m pretty sure that it also happens to them. Last time, there was one friend who tried to make a joke about my skin color on social media. While I very much welcomed their jokes, I have to untag the post because it is on a broader audience than ourselves. I found it very damaging to my image but I harbor no ill feelings towards the joke.

But if there’s one thing that’s no joke to me are you guys! You see, this is more about you than it is for me. Yes, I write about my experiences but I write it all because of you. Yes, you who served as an inspiration to every word and every idea my simple-minded self could think of. While life does indeed get in the way of writing, I will always find the time to write to you. So, thank you for everything! With that said, I’d like to give a shoutout to a few individuals for their outstanding support:

Thank you guys, cheers!

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I’ve already said that challenge drives growth and social challenges are no exception. Friends challenge each other to grow, there is no other way around it. Friends will criticize friends for all sorts of reasons. It may hurt you or reach the end of your patience but always remember that challenge is a necessity. 

Friends are precious, and if you ask me, friends are the real treasure in life. But they’re a bully and abusive and mean, I know, but hear me out. The next time you’ve become the butt of your friends’ jokes or criticism, I want you to take deep belly breaths. Expand your belly, let your breath reach deep down to your pelvic floor. Open up your chest area and lift your chest, extend your spine and relax. 

Relax into your friend’s criticism and enjoy your friendship. I’m not saying to subject yourself to abuse but I’m saying to find calmness in their criticism and banter. True friends are difficult to come by these days. 

By relaxing yourself, you are reaping the benefits of your friends’ challenges. You are opening yourself to the possibility that your friends are on to something. You are allowing yourself to be teachable. If your will is stronger than what your friends say, then there is no need to feel hurt. 

So that next time you feel hurt by your friend’s criticism and jokes, stop and take a deep breath, enjoy that moment. Cherish those moments with your friends, because truly, nothing lasts forever.


“Don’t walk in front of me… I may not follow
Don’t walk behind me… I may not lead
Walk beside me… just be my friend”
― Albert Camus

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14 thoughts on “Enjoy your Friends’ Criticism

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  1. SMiLes.. Thanks For The Shout-Out.. I’m Extremely open-minded and Live In an Extremely Closed Minded Area.. Hehe.. 85 Percent of the Populace Voted For Trump if that Provides A Hint…
    Although Science
    Show innate Factors
    Apply Surely this
    And Continuance
    Of Following a
    Character like that
    Shows just how much
    Environment Plays
    A Part in this Valuable
    Personality Trait that
    Opens Human Ability
    To literally see more
    Colors in life.. Let’s
    Just say i will fit in
    With anyone as my
    Vent Diagram
    oF uNconditional
    Love Continues to
    Grow and Yes Some
    Days someone We
    Do Not Agree with
    Who We Don’t Even
    Know may really be
    A Best Friend for they
    May Provide a Lesson
    Even out of Dark that
    Changed our Life for
    The Best.. SMiLes as a
    Public Dancer hehe and
    The Only one for even one
    Mile in this closed- minded
    Place i live now for 12,753
    Miles in 78 Months of
    Effort aLong with Literally
    7.8 Million Words and
    20,000 Plus Published
    Photos of Nude Selfie
    Art what almost 100
    Percent of ‘Straight
    Men’ without abnormally
    Large Penises are Afraid
    To do.. even Body
    Builders who do poses
    With ‘Male Panties’
    On As i recently used
    A Black Star for a ‘redacted’
    Part on FB that is rather common
    For half the population as
    A 30th Anniversary Gift
    For my Wife as i am
    Still Romantic And
    Spicy too.. i don’t
    Get ANY Comments
    On that but will expect
    For at least one person
    Who Friended me just
    To run away from my
    Open minded and yes
    Bodied ways.. but for
    The Public Dance I’ve
    Received Feedback
    Ranging From Your
    Public Dance gives
    me Life to i saw
    You in The Distance
    And was Afraid you
    We’re going on
    A Rampage Murder
    Spree.. it’s true i
    Generally Speaking
    I Look like a First
    Baptist Softball
    Player Who might
    Hit Home Runs
    Butt not Experience
    All these other Colors of
    Life ‘they’ are Truly Blind
    to.. i see the Character
    Of Jesus in That story
    As only that but a Great
    Teacher Never the less
    That’s enough where
    i live to Lose A So-called
    FB Friend where i
    but Yes if that
    Man Could Truly
    Be He Would Stand
    By My Side and
    Love me no matter
    If he Saw me as
    Friend or Foe.. this
    Is the Love my Mother
    Showed to me no matter
    How Dark or Light my
    Life got and this is the
    Friend Now i am to
    Everyone else whether
    They Like the Open
    Souled Person i am
    Or Not.. Today is my
    Mother’s 3rd Anniversary
    Of Her Death as She was
    This Commoner Just
    A Daughter of Woman
    As The Story Book
    Character Jesus was
    Just a Son.. i will be this
    Loving Character as she
    Was for me too.. Now
    Welcoming not just
    Me But All into
    The Fold
    Of My Book of
    Life for I am in
    Deed A Wild Free
    And Loving Son
    Of Woman too…
    In a way you inspired
    Close to 30,000
    More Words for the
    Open Minded of You
    Stay Free just
    To Do You
    Shine all Your
    Star never Hide
    All Your LiGHT
    And Yes Dark
    That BRiNGS
    GreaTesT LiGHT Now..:)

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  2. Yeah, criticisms do serve a good purpose. Often times, they are true. Haha. But like you say, if you can calm yourself and let it set in a bit and think about it, you’ll do better with it and possibly learn from it and improve. Hopefully the friend is just as good at dealing with the criticisms toward them as well. Fantastic post, Barbarian!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Anytime I receive criticism, I try to say thank you. It is interesting, while any form of criticism has at its essence half truths, it is up to us to take from them the inspiration the soul needs to mend its divides.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree! Plus if one is self-aware enough to know that way they say doesn’t really matter, then he/she doesn’t need to be bothered by it.
      Listen to everything, but take at heart only those that matters.

      Thank you Dr. Maples! 🍸

      Liked by 1 person

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