TMI Tuesday #67

All right stop, Collaborate and listen it’s Tuesdays again!

To spice things up in the bedroom, how adventurous are you willing to be? (select one)

  • I have never role-played before and will need a lot of instruction.
  • I have tested the waters, but never acted out anything scripted.
  • I have got my feet wet and want more!
  • Dive in head first – nothing is too deep.

I’m the type of person who is reserved and very calculating. I don’t dive in headfirst without having any idea of the depth. I only celebrate when victory is achieved and I don’t stop to admire my work and much can be said in the bedroom. I calculate and think of repercussions before divulging myself to any adventure. Of course, I’m enthusiastic and excited but I keep myself composed. 

What scenario peaks your interest most? Why?

  • Romantic and sensual
  • Playful and fun
  • Kinky! I want it all.

Kinky! Though I could be playful and fun, romantic and sensual. I could switch from being “selfish”, silly and serious. The thing about me is that I’m very outgoing on the outside but dead serious on the inside. I’m very interested in kink but I also had my share of vanilla, being fun and romantic helped. 

Which of these is closest to your ideal setting for a fantasy?

  • A brothel
  • A dungeon
  • A bedroom
  • A prison cell

Bedroom, it’s simple and versatile, you could pretty much do anything in a bedroom. It would be nice to take your adventures outside but I think a bedroom would suffice. 

Which of the following toys would be prominently featured in your fantasy? (select one)

  • Feathers and whipped cream
  • Handcuffs, panty hose, and a necktie
  • Whips and chains
  • Ice cubes and a cold beer

Neckties, ice cubes. I’m sorry if I couldn’t give a more precise answer, I prefer rope than chains and handcuffs for safety reasons. I prefer a riding crop or paddle over chains and I don’t mix alcohol and kink. 

It is time to take your sexy self to fantasy island, which fantasy will you bring to life to rock your lover’s world?

  • The Sassy Sexy Jersey Whore – Gaudy, Flashy, Showy…totally Jersey!
  • Kinky Cook – It’s all about the spice! Heating things up in the kitchen.
  • Naughty Maid – Your feather duster will tickle more than just the dust on the shelves.
  • Doctor Love – Saving lives and breaking hearts but not before you administer a head-to-toe physical examination.
  • Frisky Fireman – A hose so long you can put out several of the hottest fires and leave a smoldering heap as proof of a job well done.

Ow… I love giving a physical examination!

Bonus: Tell us about your craziest or wildest role-playing adventure.

Not role-playing but rather an adventure. One of my ex-lovers and I went on a naked joy ride around town!

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