Size VS Performance

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It is indeed a great day for blogging! Who knew that admitting I’m Asian and I get “a bit insecure when compared to our western brethren” in regards to package size would generate so much interest. My site traffic has gone up 61% than usual; I very much appreciate this, so thank you! 

Now, I never made a habit of explaining myself simply because there is no need for it. It was a question that deserves a truthful answer, simple as that.

But, it did set up the premise of today’s fitness post about physical size and performance. Which one is better and which one should you pursue? 

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So, which one is better, physical size or performance? My simple answer, neither, as both have merits and it’s dangerous to dismiss both principles. You see, size doesn’t always translate to performance but performance, can only take you at some point. 

A 180lbs casual gym-goer cannot outlift a 150lbs world champion deadlifter. But, a 150lbs champion deadlifter cannot outlift a 180lbs champion deadlifter. 

Bigger muscles generate more force than smaller ones yet, bigger muscles don’t always mean strength or performance. Confusing, right?

I wish it was a lot simpler to explain, but a lot is going on between size and performance. 

While it is true that bigger muscles generate more force, it also burns more energy. Hence, that is why heavyweight boxers get easily exhausted even in earlier rounds. But what they lack in mobility and conditioning they make up for devastating knockout power. 

Lightweight boxers rely on technique, conditioning, and angles to knock out their opponent. I’m not saying that lightweight boxers don’t have knock out power, but I’m saying that they rely on other things aside from power. 

Size alone does not guarantee success and the same can also be said about performance. Sooner or later one has to pursue either performance or size to move forward. 

This kind of debate is pretty much pointless and a hindrance to your growth. Don’t box yourself in the pursuit of size or strength but rather think of your goal in the gym. Think of these principles as tools that could help you reach your goal. Sooner or later you will have to improve your performance or get bigger one way or the other. 

Sometimes the only thing that’s stopping you from moving forward is you. Be willing to do or accept things you don’t want to and keep on moving. Be willing to do things you suck at. In my case, abdominal exercises. Yes, I admit it, I dislike working on my abdominals. 

I hope I made it clear to everyone the intricacies between size and performance and how they both coexist with each other! I hope you learned something today about general fitness and in life. 

To Courage and Freedom, and small penises!

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