TMI Tuesday #66

Let the games begin!!!! Happy Tuesday guys!

In the bedroom, what makes you insecure?

Asians aren’t known for the size of their package and being from southeast Asia, it makes me a bit insecure when compared to our western brethren. However, someone once said to me that it’s not the size of the ocean but the motion of the ocean that matters. 

In the bedroom, what makes you a champion?

I’m stronger than I look so, what I lack in size, I make up in performance. Last time Pancake and I got together, I lifted her off her feet and tossed her in the bed. Not to brag, but I made a previous lover orgasmed a whopping 12 times. Despite that, I really don’t consider myself a champion of anything. I have no baseline to compare it with, so I have no idea. All I got was feedback from a very long list of ex-lovers. 

When it comes to sexy time, I earn a gold medal _____.

As I said, I don’t have a baseline to compare it with. I don’t usually talk about my bedroom antics to others so I’m going to base my answers again to ex-lovers’ feedback. I know how to make a good girl go bad and a bad girl turned good. I’m great at seduction and building up anticipation. I also don’t lack imagination or creativity, I love turning simple or mundane things into something sexy.

At the sexolympics, in which sport will you compete?

  • Artistic, synchronized water sex in the pool
  • Freestyle naked wrestling
  • Artistic naked gymnastics

Freestyle naked wrestling. As I said, I look stronger for my build and I did some Jiu-Jitsu class back then so I have a bit of a foundation for ground fighting. I know some sweeps and how to transition. I also know some submission moves.

Your significant other’s ex is coming to town and he/she wants to go out to dinner with them alone. How do you react?

  • It’s okay, no problem.
  • Not thrilled, but go ahead.
  • Not just no… HELL no!

It’s okay, no problem. I really am not the jealous type and I really don’t mind if they go out. If there’s no reason to be jealous, then why bother? It would only hinder your affection towards your partner.

Bonus: What kind of fidelity (being faithful) is more important to you? (21 words)

  • Physical/Sexual.
  • Mental/Emotional.
  • Neither is important.
  • Both are equally important

Both are equally important. I think I’m well rounded and capable enough to handle all sorts of challenges. 

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26 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #66

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  1. Such genuine responses, Mr. A.! Thanks for sharing!

    In response to your #1, I find that very few things in nature occur haphazardly, and I’m sure the physiological design of human beings is even less random. For every man created who is ‘smaller’ than average, there is a woman whose vaginal channel is smaller than average. Still, it’s interesting how certain sexual ‘standards’ continue to be perpetuated as fact when it really isn’t.

    If that were the case, then 𝙖𝙡𝙡 men would prefer blonde women with big breasts. And we know that’s not always the case—especially if you account for men of varying sexual orientations or those who prefer brunettes…or women with small breasts…or women of color, etc., etc.

    I, for one, am not interested in having my uterus used as a coital punching bag. So, I prefer guys who aren’t ‘hung’. Still, as with most things, what one finds attractive or optimal in a sexual partner is a matter of personal choice.

    Personally, I place more significance on the communication skills and character of my sexual partners first and foremost. After that, the size and length of other parts of their anatomy are of lessor concern…as long as they work. But, that’s just me. 😉

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    1. Hi B, sorry it took me a while to reply!
      Actually, #1 is something that I’ve really thought about when I was answering it. I really can’t think of anything that I should be ashamed of in regards to my bedroom antics.

      I totally agree with what you’ve said, it really is a matter of preferences.

      And yes, communication is sexy. Arousing the mind is more intoxicating than any form of arousal.


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  2. I’ve had lovers with huge (10″ +) and very small (less than 3″) and had both be satisfying and unsatifying. There is something to be said for too big and too small. The biggest issue I ran into which became a standard is girth. Not being thick enough is a problem you can’t make up for with skill… and I’m very tight.

    I find it sad that men are worried about the size of their cocks. I’ve never met a woman who’s concerned about her pussy being deep enough. We’re born with what we’re born with and there’s not much to do about it, so accept it and find pride in what you’ve got. I think we all know that confidence is sexy!

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    1. Interesting. I can say I have had small (surprised at the size) but it was not too small. Sex was good because intercourse was not the only thing happening plus he knew how to work IT and hit some good spots. He was thin and nimble. 😉 I have had an anaconda-sized dick that made my mouth drop and put fear in my heart. In the end the intercourse was forgettable. And really only so much can fit in my pussy, all that other was a waste.


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      1. My point exactly. Size isn’t all that important. The fellow I’m referring to that was 3″ classifies as a micropenis. This is a legitimate medical term. I’m not just being mean. To be perfectly honest, he actually hit the right spots. I’m stunned to say that, but in all sincerity it’s true. 🙂

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  3. Okay… As someone with a vagina… I can tell you something. As long as you can get it up and know how to have sex… You’re already doing better than half the guys I’ve been with lol!! Dick size really does not matter!!! Use your weapon like the warrior you are!!! 😁💪❤️

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  4. 1. You know, that is really true. I have proof/experience from both ends of the spectrum.

    3. “…I’m great at seduction and building up anticipation. I also don’t lack imagination or creativity, I love turning simple or mundane things into something sexy.” Perrrrfect!

    Thanks for sharing.


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