TMI Tuesday #63

What did the duck say? Wait, what?! Happy Tuesday everyone!

What makes you dislike life?

Nothing, I’d be dead already if I dislike life. I would hate it if I go through life in quiet desperation. I’m not the type who waits or settle for less, if I dislike something I go out and do something about it. Not all good things happen to people who wait. Everything would be okay “someday” is an illusion. If you find yourself liking or disliking something then go ahead and do something about it.

When has a mundane occurrence or chance completely changed the course of your life?

Back in college, I learned about Ada Augusta Byron AKA Ada Lovelace. In case you have no idea, she was the daughter of the poet Lord Byron and a mathematician. She was also regarded as the first computer programmer. I fell in love with the name and said to myself that if ever I’m going to have a daughter, I’ll name her that. At that moment, I knew I wanted to be a father. Up to now, everything around me revolves around the question, “what is my daughter’s place in all of these?”. I remember a time when an ex-lover was asking me to marry her and I based my decision on that. A few weeks after that, we broke up.

What has taken up too much of your life?

Fathering, blogging and hustling, not that those things are bad. I enjoy doing these things, it keeps me tethered and afloat. When you ask other men what animal they would be, many would answer something ferocious like a tiger or a lion. I wanted to be the duck, calm and collected on the surface, waddling like crazy underneath. 

What is the most ridiculous rule you have to follow?

Much like #1, nothing. If the rules are so ridiculous, I’ve already broken it. Another key to life is to know the rules, so you know which ones to break. Does that make me a cheat or a bad man? It depends on who you ask. People are so quick to cry out unfairness but fail to recognize their shortcomings. This kind of victimhood mentality is the bane of modern society. Everyone thinks they deserve a medal for something.

What does the voice in your head say?

“Suck it up buttercup!”, the voice said when I am tired and weak.

“Facts are more important than your feelings,” the voice said when I am hurt.

“The bills ain’t gonna pay for themselves.” the voice said when I am unmotivated. 

Bonus: What’s better than great sex?

Having the freedom to do what you were born to do and the courage to do it. Great sex comes in third place.

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10 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #63

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  1. This has nothing to do with your answers directly, but for the record I have a pet duck. His name is Drew Brees the Duck. We are big New Orleans Saints fans. I have had him for about 10 years. I understand your analogy and I like it. Yeah if you look at a duck they do seem to be floating gracefully but underneath the waters they are peddling like hell. Remember this about a duck too. They can fly😉

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I am the opposite when it comes to rules. I have always been a goody goody, afraid and paranoid about breaking the rules. Even when I knew there was no way I could get caught, I always worried someone had a way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sweet! Thanks for dropping by!
      This might surprise you, but I also like following rules. But with that said, there rules that just doesnt make sense, or very limiting. Rules are there to guide us to be better. But thats just my 2cents!

      Cheers! 🍸


  3. What? Great sex comes in third place?! Haha! Well, considering I’m not having any sex at the moment, I suppose it’s not ‘placing’ at all in my life right now. However, I looking forward to changing that ranking soon! 😀

    Insightful answers…as always.

    Liked by 1 person

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