The Barbarian Book Club’s Book of the Month (January): Watchmen – Alan Moore

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As always, I hope you are doing great and if not, hang in there. Tough moments don’t last, tough people do. Be strong, everything will be alright. 

So, I got a copy of Alan Moore’s Watchmen last Christmas from Pancake. In case you’ve got no idea, Watchmen is a comic book maxi-series that has been adapted to film by Zack Snyder. I have been trying to get my hands for a copy for quite some time and you can imagine my delight as I unwrapped the gift. My eyes sparkled with joy from the smell of ink printed on paper. 

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Published in 1986 by DC Comics, and written by Alan Moore; illustrated by Dave Gibbons and colored by John Higgins. Watchmen is a comic book series about a group of masked superheroes as they unravel a conspiracy. It was later compiled and published as a single volume edition in 1987.

Set in New York City, 1985. The story revolves around a group of masked vigilantes called the Watchmen. The government had outlawed costumed heroes and is on the brink of World War III. Costumed heroes are then left with no choice but to either work for the government or retire. The story begins with the murder of Edward Blake, also known as The Comedian. 

Rorschach, an outlawed member of the Watchmen begins to investigate Blake’s murder. He stumbled upon a plot to rid off all the masked vigilantes. He was later joined by former Watchmen, Night Owl and Silk Spectre in uncovering the truth. 

Doctor Manhattan, the only being in this universe who has powers, left Earth to seek the meaning of life. While Ozymandias is missing in action after a failed assassination attempt with his life.

The Watchmen begins to unravel a conspiracy, leading to the mass destruction and death in New York. 

Regarded as one of, if not the greatest graphic novel ever published. Watchmen achieved critical and commercial success and became one of the best sellers. Due to its success, it was the only graphic novel to make it to Time’s “All-Time 100 Greatest Novels” list for 2005. 

Watchmen shaped the landmark for future comic books. It demonstrates that comic books are capable of telling sophisticated stories. It opened the gates for more gritty and serious comic book stories we enjoy today. 

Watchmen’s legacy continues to endure until this day. It was ahead of its time, tackling topics that are not usually depicted in comic books. It is a great story for everyone and I recommend it even to non-comic book readers. 

To Courage and Freedom, and Gritty Stories!

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