TMI Tuesday #58

‘Tis the season to be jolly Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la… Rejoice its Tuesday again!

Christmas music is everywhere. It has been on the radio in my area since mid-November! If you had to listen to Christmas music, from one artist, non-stop during December who would be crooning those holiday tunes? (must pick one). Why did you make that choice?

  • Harry Connick Jr.
  • Mariah Carey

I go for Harry Connick Jr. I like Mariah tunes, her Christmas songs though can be cheesy for my taste at times. I could listen to jazz or lounge music for days.

In 2019, in the bedroom, were you mostly naughty or nice?

In my bedroom, nice. Depends on who I am with, I spend most of my time with my daughter so I am required to be nice. But with someone else, not so much. I get to take a vacation, of course, that is the time I engage in all sorts of naughtiness. But aside from that, I get to play a plain boring dad to a kid all year long.

In your next sexcapade, who will be joining you (must pick one)? Why is that your choice?

  • Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus
  • Grinch
  • Frosty the snowman
  • 4 of Santa’s elves

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, we could swap. I could already imagine the possibilities!

Do you celebrate any holidays in December? If yes, what?

Does holiday shopping count? I love shopping, especially if I got money to spend. I love buying gifts for family and friends, I also love buying something for myself. Though, I swore that I won’t buy anything this holiday and get some stuff fixed or alter some clothes. 

How will you be spreading holiday cheer in 2019?

Be awesome, like what I’ve been doing for the rest of the year. I’ll step it up a notch this holiday, dress well, be generous, and be more awesome.

Bonus: What Netflix holiday movie do you recommend we watch?

Not sure they are on Netflix, Edward Scissorhands, and Gremlins

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6 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #58

Add yours

  1. Love the pic at the top of the page.

    Dad with your kid all year long–stellar!
    Here’s to hoping you get a few naughty nights away.

    That’s the holiday spirit–shop shop shop!! That is what it’s all about. The joy of gift giving.

    Great way to spread holiday cheer

    Happy Holidays!



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