What Happened in November (Follow up)

Greetings Barbarian! Long days and pleasant nights!

At an old age of 33, I still caught Rubella or German Measles and it sucked big time! In case you didn’t know, rubella is a contagious viral disease. Symptoms include a low-grade fever, sore throat and a rash that starts from the face.

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It was a hell of a week, but I managed to pull through and I’m all better now. So, to catch up with all the writing I’ve missed, I will do a follow-up post about what happened in November.

I visited the cemetery this Halloween and brought some flowers for my grandparents. It is a Philippine tradition to celebrate Halloween at the final resting place of loved ones. As for me, I get to visit my grand dad’s grave and offer some flowers and candles. I never got the chance to meet my granddad but based on what my mom told me, my granddad was a tailor.

I met up with my old boss for some books. She was having a sale, and I was quick enough to score some great titles which includes a copy of Gaiman’s Stardust. My daughter had a great time reading it and has become one of her favorites. I also managed to get my hands on a photography book though it is a bit outdated. I’m interested in photography and I’m looking forward to leveling up my photo-taking skills.

Gotta love book deals

After much deliberation, I finally got myself a Starbucks card. My friend was urging me to get one ever since I started enjoying coffee.

Elsa, do you want to build a snowman?
Two of my favorite things in the world: Coffee & Misery Index

I also went shopping for some school supplies late into this school year. I looked into her bag and I’m surprised to find out that she ran out of some school essentials. So I decided to take her out shopping and bought her a new sharpener, erasers, and some new ink for her marker.

Where did the eraser go?

I walked past a bakery and saw a baguette. So I bought one and made a BLT sandwich at home.

After a long time, I got to play video games once again. I have told you how much of a Magic The Gathering nerd I am. I tried playing Magic The Gathering Arena and spent quarantine days playing games. I had a great time with my matches despite the lack of cards to play. I have been looking for friends to play actual cards with but they happen to be busy and I was in quarantine.

I’d be honest, November did go well as I hoped for. The Rubella did mess up my schedule and finances. I missed some days doing some work not to mention I have to send my daughter away. It is always difficult for me to part with her and spends more of my waking moments wondering what she was doing.

November may suck but there’s no reason not to try harder this December. I wish I could make the cover as much ground as possible this December. I am looking forward to a great Christmas and welcome the upcoming year with great hope.


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