TMI Tuesday #56

Hurray for Tuesday, dating apps and strippers!

Your lover loooves to talk during sex. What is it you want to hear them say?

“Yes, Sir!”.

You have been offered a posh, all-expenses paid voyage upon Richie Riches opulent yacht to a sunny tropical island. Only thing is you must sit on deck naked–sunning, sipping your favorite drink and eating your favorite foods. Would you do it…take the fantastic voyage naked? Don’t forget to wave to all the other boats and passersby.

I won’t mind being naked, but I would mind the temperature. I get cold easily. I can work up a sweat with ease, but a chill wind could make me shiver.

If you worked in human resources and two equally qualified applicants were up for a position in the company but one of them listed, on their resume, Stripper as a past job would you hire that person?

Depending on the position, I wouldn’t out the person because of her previous stint. Being unemployed, I know the value of a job. Who knows, there are some skills that they possess that is good for business; e.g. Customer relations.

Is your dating game high-tech or low-tech?

A mix of both, the internet has been a crucial factor in my relationship (LDR problems, anyone?). But kickin’ it old skool, like letters and gifts are nice. I try to not use as much tech in my dating.

What’s the most disappointing text you’ve received? You can give us the context or just the text.

“Don’t come home anymore, I’ll send your stuff by mail” said someone who obviously doesn’t want me anymore. “I don’t think I can do this anymore”, said the same person after she asked me to fuck her a few months after our breakup. “Why can’t you just accept it”, said the same person after I asked her why.

Bonus: Give us your best advice for boosting someone’s sex drive.

Regular exercise, enough sleep, proper diet; not what you expect, but it works

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