Simple Budgeting for Those Who Suck at It

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

I have a confession to make.

I am a fraud; I feel like an impostor writing the stuff that I did and feel like I have no claim to write them.

You see, I suck at nearly everything in life, notably when I was in my 20s. There is a lot of stuff that I wish I handled with somewhat more finesse and dignity. I was driven by my emotions and let them get the best of me. I seldom cared about anything, including my spending.

I feel like a fraud because of my mistakes. I do not feel like the most qualified person to help when I am guilty of making them. But like all men before me, I learned as I went along. You could assume that I discovered it the hard way, but I think it is better than not to learn at all.

Budgeting is manly; it is arduous, it requires self-control, and sexy. Women like men who are accountable for their money. Most important of all, it will give you financial confidence and freedom.

The key to budgeting is restraint and conservation, distinguishing your needs and wants. With that in mind, here are the steps on how I do my budget:

  1. Before the month ends, list down all your expenses for the coming month. It gives you enough buffer before you do to your budget. Group your expenses into two: Your BASIC and your LIFESTYLE expenses. Your Basic is everything necessary for you to survive the month, food, bills. Your Lifestyle expenses are your fine to haves and nonessentials.
  2. Once you got all your expenses sorted out, allot 20% of your monthly income to your savings. I repeat, save 20% of your monthly salary before you start spending on anything. If you cannot save 20%, then you are living beyond your means.
  3. Now that you save 20% of your monthly income, you may adjust your list and start spending on your expenses. Dedicate 50% of your monthly salary to your Basic needs and 30% to your Lifestyle expenses. Organize your spending via priority. In case you are having difficulty, try listing your expenses into quadrants like these:
Urgent and Important
(Utility bills, rent, medical bills, repairs, etc.)  
Important but Not Urgent
(Groceries, food, transportation, clothes, etc.)
Not Important but Urgent
(Cable subscription, phone & internet bill, etc.)  
 Not Important and not Urgent
(Hobbies, video games, etc.)

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  • If by any chance you exceeded your Basic allotment, feel free to use your Lifestyle funds.
  • If you found yourself in a pinch, look for another source of active income or other ways to earn quick cash.
  • Obliterate your debts as soon as possible, avoid a debt pile up. Make this your topmost priority.
  • If you have some extra money lying around, invest it. Diversify your portfolio, do not put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Delay gratification is not only excellent for sex but also for the budget. If you find yourself wanting something for yourself, give it a month. If you still want it, then go ahead and buy it.
  • Do not buy the name, buy the quality; do I still have to explain this? Cheap often ends up expensive; make sure you do not waste your money on items that do not last.

Budgeting does not have to suck; sure, it requires self-control but can be so rewarding. It builds competence and will power, not to mention it makes you sexy. There is nothing sexier than a reliable man who knows his way around money; ask the ladies. Comment down below if you agree.

Budgeting is the first step to actual financial independence. Men indeed crave only the most suitable for themselves, but you must compromises. A man is on top of everything, especially his money. He must feed himself when he is hungry and provide himself with heat when it is cold. He is the master of his desires, whims, and wants; he knows when and where to focus his efforts. A man knows how to conserve; a man knows how to budget.

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Maraming salamat at mahal ko kayo!

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“We must consult our means rather than our wishes.”
― George Washington

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16 thoughts on “Simple Budgeting for Those Who Suck at It

Add yours

  1. Your quads are nice — I would divide my quadrants a bit differently, but that’s only because I don’t think things like cable TV are worth paying for. 😉 It’s a nice example of how to parse expenses.
    I get frustrated with grown adults (male *and* female) in their 40s and 50s who are still making 20s mistakes with money. It’s more a matter of “I prefer maturity” than “budgeting is sexy” but I take your point about the latter. Being confident with money means knowing what to do with it and making wise choices about its use. It’s the ‘wise choices’ bit that I find most attractive. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Mrs. Fever!

      The quadrants all depend on your needs. You can adjust it how you see fit.

      Gah, good thing I learned my lesson then. I’m in my mid 30’s and trying to build a foundation from the things I learned in my 20’s.

      I agree with the wise choices. Given the situation now, we all have to make everything count. 😉

      Cheers! 🍸


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