My Deepest Realizations in Life

Greeting Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

Life isn’t kind, and so is the world; it’s cold and brutal in every sense of the word and that is my truth. I’m aware that it’s different on the other parts of the globe; it’s reasonable for their truth to differ from what I’ve known. Yes, I could set myself to their standards but that wouldn’t be ideal.

But before anything else, hit the follow button and like this post; share it on social media or re-blog. Your continued support has been my primary motivation in continuing this blog. Many times I have thought of what’s the point of doing this, that I should have quit. But, your continued patronage has kept me going day in and day out. I appreciate it, thank you so much!

Life is the greatest teacher of all, sometimes the price to pay for its lessons are steep. But I’ve always revered life and appreciate its lessons with great regard. Despite how tragic life can get, I cannot help but love life as it provided me with so much wisdom. Here are a few pearls of wisdom that I’ve acquired over the years.

Presentation matters – you wouldn’t eat something that looked like cat vomit. Society may have you believe that looks don’t matter but reality begs to differ. Truth is you are being judged by how you present yourself to others and yourself. Stop making excuses and start having intent, be the person you want other people to see. Be the person you wanted to see in the mirror.

Money is important – those who say otherwise are lucky. But for the rest of us, we don’t eat if we don’t work. Money is important, period; no minute passes that weren’t spending it. Respect money; earn it, and save it, money does make the world go round. There’s no way to get around it; it’s either be the butcher or be the cattle.

Being nice is great but… – being useful is better. Yes, nice guys finish last but so does the bad guys. When in fact, being nice has nothing to do in finishing first; but rather by being useful. Finishing first requires a variety of useful skills, not niceties. It pays to be nice but during grave situations, it’s always the most skilled succeeds to pull through.

Do not overreach for anyone or anything – avoid trying hard. Nothing good ever comes out in overreaching. Exerting more depletes you of your energy, efforts that could be used in other endeavors. Make slow and steady progress towards what you want; reaching only when it’s within arm’s reach.

Choose a woman who chooses you… – choose anything that chooses you. The thing is, life is tough and there are certain aspects in life that shouldn’t be any more complicated than it is. Choose a woman who would choose you, despite your flaws, and complications. Choose anything that would choose you despite being you.

Your physicality is your greatest contribution – so, take great care of your body. I’d be honest with you; sometimes, people exaggerate the importance of intelligence. There’s nothing wrong with being smart, but it sometimes becomes an excuse for being lazy. Always hacking, always wanting to get to the next thing, unable to be present in a situation. When in fact, life demands physicality, to be able to physically manifest yourself. It’s true when they say that 90% of life is showing up, and to do that, you must physically do so.

Stay faithful to your mission – or better yet, your mission comes first above all. You can’t expect a man to be faithful to his women, job, or anything else if he can’t be faithful to his mission. Abandonment of life’s mission leaves a gaping void in a man’s heart that no women or possession could ever fill. Stay faithful to your mission, staying in the path that you’re supposed to be on could solve a lot of problems.

Those are a few of my deepest realizations, some are difficult to swallow but they all help me see the world. These realizations made me see underneath the surface of things others often dismiss. But most profound of all is that it allows me to be the best man I could be. It allows me to fit into this life without compromising myself.

Realization varies for each man; my realizations might be different from yours. What I have experienced in life might be different from yours, it may even contradict each other. Nonetheless, hold on to your deepest realization as if it is the essence of one’s self. It’s your accumulated wisdom over the years, it’s the lesson that life taught you. If you still haven’t realized what life has taught you, then learn now; don’t waste any more time. Don’t give up your realizations because someone else lived it otherwise. Life is the greatest teacher of all, hold on to all its lessons.

To COURAGE and FREEDOM, and the TRUTHS we’ve been told.

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”
― Albert Einstein

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8 thoughts on “My Deepest Realizations in Life

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  1. What a rivetting post. I was out walking and stopped to check my mail. I stood in the middle of a field reading this. Your advice is clearly from the head and heart. Particularly liked the recommendation not to overreach. Lots of wisdom there.
    Maybe I can add one of my own guidelines. If you are with someone, anyone, listen hard to what they say. Bounce it back to them. Remember the key points. Hold them in mind when you next converse. It will stand you in good stead, and endear you to people, as long as your intentions are sincere, and not manipulative.
    Thanks for opening up your locker.

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  2. I’ve always believed looks are important. And mostly people that have never had to worry about money have never appreciated it. The same goes for look( physical) a pretty woman or handsome man always tell you that looks don’t matter because they have never been on the other side of criticism. Please don’t stop posting. I enjoy reading your blog. I write every day sometimes you are the only one that reads my post. Sometimes it hurts my feelings then I realize mostly I write for me. But it does make me feel a little bit better that someone gets my crazy. My post or not all flowers and sunshine. And that’s okay. Anyways keep posting

    Liked by 2 people

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