Barbarian Strong: The Deadlift

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

Want to know a secret? I’ve always been skinny with bad genetics; I have a small wrist and bony fingers. I remember feeling left out when some heavy lifting must be done, and I don’t blame them. They needed help but not from me, I remember feeling useless back then.

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Now back to becoming strong…

I learned that it takes strength not only in a physical sense to be useful. I have become obsessed with ways to be strong may it be physical strength or strength of character.

A barbell is a great way to achieve both, and no barbell training would be complete without the deadlift.

Lucky for us, there are countless videos on Youtube on how to deadlift. So, I will not try to teach you and leave those to the professionals. What I’m going to do is tell you why you should deadlift, why I think it’s great based on what I have experienced.

Pick barbell up, put the barbell down; easy? I wish it was. Deadlifts are never easy once you get to a more significant weight under the bar. Should that stop you from doing deadlifts? Of course not, unless you have a valid medical condition that prevents you from lifting. Deadlifts should be part of any strength training program as much as the squat.

Like the squat, deadlifts are functional. Lifting objects off the ground has been a primary movement since the dawn of time. Cavemen lift their spoils back to their cave, and yes, modern men must lift their groceries back to their car. Unless you have a condition or injuries, no one should be incapable of lifting things off the ground.

Deadlifts put stress in your posterior chain, which includes your hamstrings, glutes, trapezius. That much stress on a large muscle group triggers a release of hormones that handles growth. Limited not only to stronger bones and bigger muscles, but it also keeps body fat at bay. Other benefits include better mood, improved immunity, and a higher sex drive.

Speaking of the posterior chain, deadlifting helps you correct your posture. Contrary to popular belief, proper deadlifts are great for your back. It could help you undo the damage of prolonged sitting. Deadlifts strengthen your back, core, glutes, aligning them and correcting your posture.

I primarily train for strength, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting a great physique. Doing deadlifts will help you develop strong glutes, traps, core, lats, and thighs. Some may call it vanity but there is nothing wrong in wanting to have confidence with how you look. If you have rational expectations and willing to do the work, then I don’t see anything wrong with it. Deadlifts are a great addition to your training program to help you achieve that.

Lastly, the deadlift is a test of how strong a person is. There is a reason why it is showcased in powerlifting and strongman competitions. How much you could deadlift would be something you could be proud of. 

Based on what I experienced, deadlifts are hard once you get to more significant weight. Yes, it was taxing, yet it is one of the things that are responsible for my confidence. Knowing that I’m able to lift something heavy without the risk of injury gave me a sense of usefulness. It also gave me a bit of confidence when it comes to a point where I must defend myself. It also helped me in my athletic pursuits like the time I tried jujitsu and muay thai. Not that strength is the ”end all be all” but it helps.

I would still do deadlifts as long as I am physically able to. I owe much of my confidence, strength, and fitness to it, I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to pursue the same. It is hard, yet its rewards outweigh the risk. It teaches you discipline and humility; it not only develops the body but also the mind and the spirit.

To courage and freedom, and strength!

“Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.
[Quoting Reverend Phillips Brooks, during Remarks at Presidential Prayer Breakfast, February 7 1963]”
― John F. Kennedy
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