TMI Tuesday #50

Mr. A playing doctor on a Tuesday! It’s TMI again!

You have a new career as a Dom or Dominatrix are you in it for money or enjoyment?

I’d be honest, I don’t see myself getting a career as a Dom as I lack the experience to do so. I’m interested and I do have my tendencies for that but not that much to make it as a career. To answer the question, I’d do it for the sheer enjoyment of it. Earning money in doing something that you enjoy is a bonus.

Do you have a favorite spanking scenario? Do tell.

It involves her wearing a business suit or nice lingerie, with an elegant pair of heels. Either she was standing with feet apart and hands clasped behind the neck or lying stomach down to my lap and feet up. Just my hands or a riding crop; with consecutive taps each increasing in intensity.

Would you rather go topless to work or bottomless to a family dinner?

Topless. The Philippines has only 2 kinds of weather, either sunny or rainy. It is pretty much a norm here for men to go bare-chested, so it wouldn’t be much of a shock if ever I decided to take off my shirt.

Tell us your doctor-patient fantasy?

This one I like to roleplay, of course with costumes! It starts off with the gathering of “vitals” like measurements and temperature (internal). Only for the patient to be diagnosed with an “infection” in her privates that needs “antibacterial” to be administered by the doctor 3x a day. 

Tie me up and _____ my _____ .

Tie me up and sit on my lap, shower me with kisses.

Bonus: What is the last act of kindness you did for your partner, friend or family member?

Not kindness but it was romantic when we shared a tub and bath each other.

For actual kindness, last night a good friend came over asking for some help and I oblige. I always wanted to be a friend anyone can depend on. He was also having some financial woes and I tried to help with what I have. Good friends are rare these days and I make sure I’m always available to help. To my friend, hang in there!

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6 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #50

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      1. No , I love your blog. What I am saying is I do not have access to it. I use to be able to read get it in my in box of reader. Now most times I can’t find it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I see. I guess I’ve fallen out of the algorithm because of my absence as of late. The last few weeks have been so busy that I have some trouble posting some of my stuff regularly. I do hope I could get back to it thou. Thank you, what you’ve said has been very encouraging!
        Cheers to you! 🍸


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