TMI Tuesday #49

What a great way to start October right than answering TMI Tuesday questions from the vault!

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What strange areas of your body are ticklish?

Strange as it may be, I get ticklish on the lips when kissed in a certain way. I do fancy a woman who finds my lips irresistible because I hated my lips. They seemed off proportion when I look at myself in pictures and on the mirror; but hey, still got to be confident! So, bonus points to the ladies who find my lips attracting.

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What is something you are interested in sexually, but only on a purely fantasy level? Something that you think about but could never fully act on.

Yes, I do have lots of those, but I’d rather not say! One thing I will say is that I do contemplate on how to keep my passions in check. I wanted my passions to give warmth not to burn.

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If you could have a week of the best sex ever in human history but you had to have a fish head as your head for the rest of your life, after that week, would you do it?

My answer would be no. I pride myself on doing more with less, but a fish head leaves me nothing to work with. I guess I’ll have to work around with mediocre sex then.

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What do you consider taboo and have you ever ventured into this territory? Was it a great, good, bad or horrific experience?

Like #2 I’d rather not disclose that. Kinky and adventurous I maybe but I won’t be brash about my exploits. I am very vocal about my opinions on sex but not on my preferences. But to give an answer, based on my experience some are great, some are good, and some are just plain wrong.

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What part of your body do you consider the most unusual that you enjoy being stimulated? (11 words)

I like it when a woman gently cups my face and run her hand over my hair.


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If you could make a porn film/video with any celebrity, who would it be and why? (11 words)

Salma Hayek, I loved dark-haired women; she’s so hot in From Dusk Till Dawn. There’s something about her that fascinates me. It doesn’t ever have to be porn, even a simple picture with her would be nice.

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