What Happened in September…

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

Well, September sucked…

My laptop had some problems rendering me unable to publish anything for two weeks. The long wait in getting it fixed is already troublesome and not to mention the cost of it.

But it’s not all bad, as I was given enough time to finish a book and start a new one. I also got 2 job interviews, my daughter’s dance practice, other things that took my attention from my laptop. Aside from that, here are a few things that un-sucked my September.

If burrito was my craving for August, then pizza is the choice for September. Though not great but hey, pizza is still pizza no matter how you put it. It didn’t stop me from stuffing my face slice after slice. My favorite pizzas would be Yellow Cab’s Manhattan Meat lover and Friuli Trattoria’s Pizza Margherita. A great pizza can be sublime, I remember eating my first slice from Friuli. It was simple yet divine, and lots of mozzarella too.

Pizza is pizza!

I also started a new book this September, this time it’s Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. In case you have no idea, it is a philosophical novel about motorcycle maintenance. It begs the question of sentimentality versus practicality, classical versus romanticism. I found this along with Jonathan Livingston Seagull at the book sale I’ve been telling you about. I still find it weird that everybody in the book sale seemed to dismiss those books. Since we’ve been talking about books, I saw some used books and immediately bought it with no hesitation. I sometimes surprise myself that I could still cough off some money for books.

Classical Versus Romanticism
Practical Versus Sentimental
New used books courtesy of Bookay-ukay

Speaking of spending, next month would be my daughter’s birth month. I never knew planning a children’s party is stressful and expensive. We started our spending early and bought her a new pair of sneakers as a gift. Funny enough, she wanted a red high top like the one her old man got. I love how much of our interest are alike, the cartoons we watch and our taste in clothes and shoes.

Once a classic, always a classic

By the way, we love the CW’s Arrowverse in our barbarian stronghold. We watch it together after we’re done the assignments. I was rummaging her school bag the other day and found her drawing. It wasn’t spectacular or anything, but it made my day.

Kara Zor-el

Despite being a difficult month, September isn’t that bad and the small things I’ve mentioned make sure of that. Taking pleasures from simple joys in life can improve one’s well-being. I’m starting to see the benefits of this series to my well-being as it allows me to write a sort of monthly gratitude list.

I’ll try to continue to work on this series as much as I could as I give me something that I could look back to and reflect on. It’s always nice to have something to remind you of the good days when dark days are upon you.

To Courage and Freedom and September!

“Our hearts were ringing In the key that our souls were singing As we danced in the night Remember how the stars stole the night away” – Earth, wind and fire, September

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9 thoughts on “What Happened in September…

Add yours

    1. Hi Sweetgirl! Im glad to hear from you again!

      September has its ups and downs, but I try not to look too much on the bad stuff and try to learn from it.

      How about you, how did September treat you?


      1. Well, …… that’s a looooong story!!! Our youngest moved 50+ miles away to live with our eldest (his brother) and I had 1 week to find them a 2 bed house/flat to share and get them moved in. Now I did manage it but it was not easy! Then during the week thay should have been a break from work, filled with debauchery and other such fun, our landlord finally sent people to remove the damp plaster and replace the damp proof course, so we had no kitchen for 3 days and our cats (one of them anyway) was stressed beyond belief. Going back to work still exhausted, I walked into a shit storm and the second day back it became clear I needed a new job as one of the directors shouted at me and was so angry I think he could have hit me. They had decided in my absence that my assistant needed to be replaced and I have helped her by revising her CV so she has been successful in securing a new job.

        I just need to find one for me now… so you know, same old same old …



      2. Wow thats a lot.
        Make sure you give yourself some r&r, you need it.
        I hope everything turns well in your workplace. Sometimes its not the job thats problematic, but the people we work with.
        But anyhow, its great to hear from you!
        As always, stay sexy and cheers to you! 🍸


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