Liebster Award Nomination #1

Greeting Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

Great day today! As the title suggests someone has nominated me for Liebster Award. Like The Sunshine Blogger Award, Liebster Award is given to bloggers by other bloggers. In case you are wondering, Liebster means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kinds, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. I’m not sure if I am one of those but I never pass up to a challenge or an opportunity to promote other bloggers.

I would like to thank Altair for this nomination. Kindly visit their blog @ Let’s give them a round of applause! Again, thank you for this opportunity, cheers to you guys and more power!

Now for the fun part!

I’m not sure which rules to follow for the Liebster Award, but I’ve decided to follow the one on Altair’s nomination. But for those who want to see the updated rules, check it here (

The rules from Altair’s nomination states that I should give 11 random facts, answer their 11 questions, and ask 11 questions for my 11 nominees.

I’ve already given you 100 useless facts about me (, so I might as well give you another 11!

1. Despite having an ugly mug and poor, I dated a variety of women. This includes a regional swimsuit model, a variety show dancer, a small city pageant runner up, a provincial hardware heiress, and a local politician’s daughter. I always wonder what those women ever saw in a schmuck like me.

2. I used to drive an old red Corolla (AE89) then I was younger, now I’m just commuting.

3. I have a hard time making poached eggs.

4. I’m attracted to women who are a bit thicc and chunky, with the right folds and curves. Someone with a little bit of meat off their bones.

5. While other men want to be lions or tigers, I wanted to be a duck.

6. I’m currently watching season 1 of both Sons of Anarchy and Lost.

7. As of now, the last song I’ve listened to was Only by Nine Inch Nails

8. I played Magic: The Gathering, I last played when Zendikar was still standard. I still have a Waste Not deck and an Atarka Red.

9. I named my daughter after mathematician Ada Augusta King, Countess of Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron.

10. Despite being Southeast Asian, my real name is Germanic. According to the internet in means “eagle or mountain of strength”.

11. Despite being attracted to older women, I never dated one.

Time to answer Altair’s questions. I hope I did you justice with my answers, enjoy!

Do you like the epic register in movies and books?

I’m not sure what epic register means, but if you mean I like epic movies and books then my answer is yes! My favorite books are The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, it’s one hell of an epic story spanning 7.5 books.

How do you drink your wine?

Not much into wine, cheap beer is more of my thing.

If you were a temptation, which one would you be?

Lust – for a man, I’m very flirty and seductive.

What do you choose between silence and speech?

If you mean, which one I would prefer – to shut up or to speak up; my answer would be neither. For a man to succeed in life, he must know when to shut up and when to speak up.

If all humans are liars, when do you tell the truth?

When it’s time to.

Do you like poetry?

Not much, but I do enjoy some.

Would you like to live with an extraordinary artist BUT unbearable?

Already did, and nope will not repeat it again – charming, dashing and impeccable is the way to go.

Are you more of a pessimist or optimist?

Neither, I’m a realist. I’m not prince charming, I’m the one who wrote prince charming.

If we save only one thing of our humanity, what would you choose? (the living arts, science, poetry, painting, music, sculpture, monuments, philosophy, etc.)

To be honest I’d save my fellow man at least that way we could still have someone to continue what was lost or destroyed. Someone to continue arts, science, and philosophy, ensure the there is a future to rebuild.

Can we succeed in proving his love?

Whose love? Just kidding. Of course, if that is your heart’s truth then work for it.

If we can actually climb Altair, will you come to see us, all the “Altair” we are?

According to Google, Altair is the brightest star in the constellation Aquila. Not sure what you mean by that, but sure I will love to see you guys. It’s always great to have friends.

Before we proceed to my questions, a bit of a disclaimer on #11. If you find it offensive, no need to answer. If we’re good, then let’s proceed!

1. Tell us about your idol, what you think makes them great. Then tell us about their flaws as a person, does that affect your view of them? Tell us why?

2. Tell us 5 things that fully energizes you. Tell us why, and your plans so that you can spend more time with them?

3. Tell us 5 things that fully drains you. Tell us why, and your plans so that you can spend less time with them?

4. Tell us about something about yourself that you blame others for? May it be a person, the economy, society, genes?

5. Have you ever imitated someone, that you lost yourself in the process? Tell us about it.

6. Do you have an exercise routine? Tell us why it works for you and how you manage it?

7. Tell us your opinion on a thick bushy manly mustache, yay or nay?

8. What is your go-to dish to serve when you host dinner parties?

9. Tell us about your professional career, its ups, and downs?

10. It there any topic you wish to see on this blog or any suggestions for improvements?

11. Now it wouldn’t be fun without any fun sexy question, please don’t be offended. You may choose not to answer. Do you watch porn and if you do, any genre you enjoy?

Time for my nominees! Again, if you don’t feel like participating; it’s all good! But it would be fun if you do! Cheers!

Lucy Lu @

WifeBlah @

Beatrix @

Nicola Marie @

Pepa @

AskMeFast @

NZ @

Leslie @

MayLyn @

WrittenCasey @

In Mind and Out @


1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.

2. Share 11 facts about yourself.

3. Answer the 11 questions the blogger(s) asked you.

4. Nominate 11 bloggers and make them happy!!

5. Makeup to 11 questions and ask them to your nominees!

6. Notify your 11 nominees.

There you have it, My 1st Liebster award nomination! I hope you guys like it! Again, my heartfelt thank you to Altair for this nomination. Guys, let’s visit their blog @

To my nominees, congratulations in advance. I urge you to visit their blogs; let’s give them a 101% of our pure unadulterated barbarian support! Let’s give the nominees a round of applause.

And to you, The Barbarian Horde – I’m forever grateful for your continued support. May you always have the strength to face the day with unrelenting vigor. May fortune favor you all.

To courage and freedom!

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25 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nomination #1

Add yours

  1. Aw—fun facts questions and answers! I do hope you enjoy my poetry!
    Thank you for thinking of me—I see that I am in great company with your nominees.
    Cheep beer? Really? Which brand?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. See why I suck at nominations?You guys do such a good job at your’s I would rather not water it down,but what right do I have to spoil the fun…See I almost even wrote all my nominees on Barbarian’s comment section…Poor me! CONGRATS BARBARIAN,KEEP ON BEING AMAZING,JUST DON’T BE BARBARIC.GOD BLESS YOU.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for the nomination, A. I’m grateful that you think that I can do this hahaha. As much as I loved to get to know other people in my circle, I liked the “real” me be always a “mystery” lol. Well, in truth I’m bad in answering questions huhuhu, it’s not my fault. But I will give this a shot. THANKS AGAIN.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow!!! Here are some great answers! Thanks to you ! Thank you also for being patient. We are very French (the wine …. it’s a sign) and we write English like French. Our great english to us, who helps us, he is on vacation! Altair, for now it’s a star, the character of Assassin’s Creed too and we all work to make it a real theater. It goes well elsewhere. Thanks again – for us (we are 7) it’s a real pleasure to read you!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It was great!
      I love answering your questions! Don’t worry about it, English is also not my primary language.
      So that’s what it was! Of course i’d be glad for visit someday if my finances allowed me to.
      I wish you all the best and good luck to your theater!


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