The Barbarian Book Club’s Book of The Month (July): Duma Key – Stephen King

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

I love horror stories, and I love horror stories written by Stephen King. I love how seemingly simple things, like a clown or pet cemetery, can become an object of terror. Even a modest Plymouth Fury can be made terrifying with a right blend of imagination and words.

Horror stories have always been my gateway back to childhood. Watching horror film with my mom in summer afternoons reminds me of how simple life was when you’re a child. A child with nothing than his imagination as his weapon seems to conquer his world until he grows up.

As I said, I love stories with simple things on the surface but have a hidden nightmare lurking from within. Duma Key is one of those stories, simple characters and a beach house that has an ancient dark secret hiding.

Written by Stephen King and published on January 22, 2008, the novel revolves around Edgar Freemantle, a contractor who survived a freak accident. As a result, he loses his right arm and suffered major head injuries. He began to become more violent and suicidal, prompting his wife to file for divorce.

As advised by his doctor, Edgar moves to a pink beach house on the island of Duma Key and rekindled his passion in arts. He befriends the owner of the house where he stays, Elizabeth and her attendant Jerome.

As Edgar delves more and more into his craft, strange things began to occur. He discovered he could manipulate reality through his “psychic paintings”. He also had psychic visions of his ex-wife’s affair that manifest in his paintings.

Little did he know about the ancient horrors that he’s bound to unleash with his newfound passion. As he unearths the mysteries of Duma Key, he unraveled Elizabeth’s past. He discovered the ties that bind his present to her past and the evil that lurks in his paintings.

A great novel as expected from the master of horror himself. It has a gripping plot that is well crafted and twists that’s unexpected. It keeps its readers at the edge of their seats, unable to guess what might happen next. The characters are well-round yet gritty, and very relevant. There is a subtle terror at the turn of every page, hiding on what seems to be normal on the surface.

If you are looking for a horror story besides the usual classic from Mr. King, I would suggest giving Duma Key a try.

To Courage and freedom!

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29 thoughts on “The Barbarian Book Club’s Book of The Month (July): Duma Key – Stephen King

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      1. Haunting of Hill House & We have always lived in the castle. These two are a Netflix miniseries and soon to be aired movie respectively. I hope you try to get hold of the books. She also wrote many short story collections.

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      2. Looks like it! Im just gonna finish up some series thou. I tend to stick to my TV diet of one show and one cartoon per day! =)


      3. Haha my Joshua was just like you. He’d watch a carton to relax. Yes go on finish your series then start this one. We can chat about it later on.

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      4. Yeah! I spend time with my daugther watching cartoons. Right now, we both enjoyed Teen Titans Go! She is already getting into some comic books stuffs. =)


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