It’s Never Going to Be Over…

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

If you ever told me two years ago that I would be blogging, I’d straight up laugh at your face. While I do have my sporadic streak of creativity, I never imagined writing on a steady basis. But the truth is, I was making an excuse for myself back then.

For a man, there are three important roles that he must play – a provider, a protector, and a creator. I love writing as it allows me to be a creator. It allows me to create something entertaining and at the same time useful. And it all started when I stopped making excuses and spend a very little amount of time to pursue writing.

Stop hoping for any completion in life because nothing is ever going to be over. Get off your butt and start making it happen right here, right now. Stop making excuses for yourself and be free to do what you wanted to do. Find your heart’s true desire and start doing something about it right now. Start now, even in little steps or little time; do not postpone. The important thing is for you to start now so that you will have no regrets in the future. A man is defined by his mission and a man who has an unfulfilled mission is unhappy.

Focus on your mission in life above all, regardless if it will succeed or not. If a man can’t be faithful to his mission, how can you expect him to be faithful to his woman? An unfulfilled mission leaves a gaping void in a man’s heart, that neither a woman nor any other vices can fill.

Speaking of women, stop hoping that someday your woman will be fundamentally different. You cannot change her because you wanted to. If you find your woman to be intolerable, you should let her go and don’t look back. Her disappointment and resentment would grow with your intolerance. While you would become even more intolerant as she becomes more wary of your capacity for love. Let her go, you would do more harm in staying.

Yet, if you find her to be merely distasteful or a hassle; understand that she will always be this way. Remind yourself that you can’t change her; instead, relax and give her love. Think of her complexities that made you choose her in the first place. Do not attempt to fix her, do not bring an end to her chaos – because her chaos is her. To end it is to end the very essence of her. Touch her, embrace her, wrestle her, scream back and forth, but do not try to end what irritates you. Your love may restore her but your attempts to fix her as well as your frustrations never will.

Following a dream may not bring you happiness, but it sure will give you meaning. Nothing is worse than going through life thinking of what-ifs. Instead, aim to live a life free of it… A meaningful life is a life lived with fulfillment and free from regrets, doubts, and what-ifs. You, your woman, and your children deserve the best man that you can be.

If you already know your heart’s desire, follow it right now. In case you don’t, then find it now. Stop wasting time drifting in and out of consciousness, be aware that your time is limited. Find your treasure, much like the shepherd boy in The Alchemist. Start small and start now, don’t wait for life to happen – you’ve got to make it happen. Don’t be the old crystal merchant in the story who waited and waited until it’s too late.

Never wait for things to get better. I hate to break it to you but stop believing the bullshit that is “someday”. Someday would not happen if you don’t do something now, it won’t magically happen because you want it. Act now, even in little steps; don’t allow yourself to get lost in your obligations. Don’t allow yourself to be trapped in existential dread. Be bold, be daring, be smart, be who you always wanted to be.

To courage, freedom and the virtue of not waiting!

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35 thoughts on “It’s Never Going to Be Over…

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    1. Ding ding ding! Hear that men? Straight from a woman’s mouth!

      Thank you NZ! I guess I had may share of mistakes to finally figure out that one.


      1. Haha! Aw—who hasn’t made mistakes? We all have and do make them…however, if we can learn from them—that is the key. And some lessons are tougher to learn than others…but there is always hope. 🙂

        I don’t like the way men are being demonized today. It’s just wrong. But, I think things are starting to change—for the better—as men such as yourself are standing up and speaking truth. And I fully respect and appreciate all your efforts. Cheers to barbarians!


      2. Nah, I just think based on what I saw in life – is that a lot of men complain these days.
        They complain a lot about life and women, “why to cant it be like this” and “why can’t it be like that”.
        “Unfair this”, ” unfair that” and worse “why can’t she be like that”.
        I just saw alot of men (including me) wanting things, but never really did anything about it. 😅


      3. Great point! Yep. We want this or that—but what are we willing to give to make it happen? It all starts with our attitude. “attitude of gratitude”. Sounds corny—but it’s true!!!
        Remember “My Fair Lady”? “Why can’t a woman be like a man?” Ha! We are NOT the same—Equal—but not the same. We are compliments and opposites—that is what makes us spark—the energetic spark between the masculine and feminine energies. A wonderful thing!
        I think when we have time to complain about things—shows just how good we really have it. And if we can come back to gratitude—and get off our butts—then what we can achieve! And no, it’s never going to be over. There will always be another challenge another obstacle. Yay!!
        As always, Mr. A—I look forward to your next post 🙂

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  1. You know? Context is EVERY THING to me! For instance, I just read another article specifically about “Excuses,” but this word used as judgment and curse is not something I will abide with because used as a judgment, I feel the word is a curse; cursing one man’s reason by another’s supposition (unassisted excuse might be an alternative that “Reason” would replace if allowed.”

    But in your article, there is great spirit…a wonderful spirit that inspires through “Reasoned Benefit” vs. unreasoned fear mongering! Your article sparks inspiration, and I am so glad I read this.

    I need to find another job. My reasons for staying are: Money, I’m fluent in the work/job, and my schedule is light. That’s why I stay. Excuse…or reason to stay? I’m also super unhappy with the leadership; a-moral might be excessive a term, but I use it with intent. I am fairly moral…and my principles drive me? Excuse or reason to leave?

    Ultimately, my principles are my driving directive though work, employment and money are my survival mechanism, and so is my peace of mind. Reasons or excuses in conflict? May there be both in the “Mean time? (small amount of time) while I figure that out?

    Yes…and then we have Mr. A – saying…”Don’t you think it’s time NOW?”

    YEP…I think it is! LOL

    Thank you so much! I think this article was just the right amount of weight to tip my decision one way as I’ve been trying to balance these conflicts…GRRRRRRrrrrr!

    I am SUPER glad…SUPER DUPER glad you blog! Super glad! Great context and “Reason” at just the right time I think. So appreciated.

    Thanks…and Peace! :o)

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  2. Very true. I felt the same about blogging and that’s why i stopped shortly after starting it, 3 years ago. End of 2018 I gave it a shot and still on it; truth is I was making excuses for myself.
    And as a woman I want to add that no one can change no one: not a man can change a woman and not a woman can change a man. You are so right, we need to he true to ourselves and to others. That is, not only self-awareness but also respect!


    1. Hi wifeblah! I’m so glad to hear that.
      I think postponement is just a lack of imagination. I think it’s best to start now, even with just very little.

      Cheers to you!

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