TMI Tuesday #43

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Why are you single?

I’m very much taken right now. But there are tons of reasons why I’ve been single before. Reasons like somebody doesn’t love someone anymore or plain old’ needed time and space. There are also instances that it is I who choose singledom over relationships. Like when a person is so needy or so abusive that I had no choice but to leave. Even for the most thoughtful reasons like when I couldn’t see them happy because I got plenty of things going on. I place high regard on my self-improvement over romantic relationships. It should make you shine even brighter, not dull you.

Why are you married or in your current monogamous relationship?

As I said, relationships should make you shine brighter. I’ll admit that relationships are hard work, but it does make me a better man. Challenge is a good thing in life, whether it be, physical, mental or emotional. Intentionally injecting a small amount of stress is a process of growth.

Aside from the challenge, there is also a good amount of nurture in my current relationship. I always choose a woman who would choose me. A man, despite his greatness, has many flaws, and a woman who chooses a man despite his flaws is already a keeper.

Is polyamory something you want?

I’m not sure about this, I still haven’t understood polyamory on a much deeper level to say that I want it. But I will say this with utter candidness; as a man, my attraction to women is inevitable. What I do about it will be all up to the given construct my relationship is founded upon. If polyamory is something that all parties agree upon, then good. If I’m such a jerk because I’m attracted to another woman and dumps my ass, it’s sad but still good. If I choose my relationship more than mere attractions, then great. If I choose to leave because that attraction makes me shine even brighter, then I’m sorry – I really am.

What is the gender of your best friend?

Male, and despite our recent falling out over financial matters – I still see him as my greatest friend. I didn’t talk to him anymore, not because I’m angry, but I don’t want to sound like I’m after something. I know that he had it tough, with work and the new baby. I really don’t want to be a problem for him, so I decided not to talk about the matter with him anymore. I can still remember coming home from his wedding, feeling so sad because his wife is now his new best friend. Sad that everything else will have to take a backseat, but I still wish him luck and happiness.

What do you think is the worst thing about being male?

It is so easy for men to get misinterpreted these days. In an era where everyone has something to say, male views are getting more controversial. If you wanted to be fit, others will say you’re vain. When you wanted to look nice, others will say you’re gay. A man cannot approach a woman out of nowhere without someone saying he’s a creep. If a man does something cool, someone will say he’s a showoff. If a man knows how to fight, he’s violent. I could go on about it (even this opinion is a bit controversial), but I am aware that it changes nothing. So, guys – do your work in silence; focus on being a better you and choose who chooses you.

Bonus: Why are you sexy?

Based on a recent study of past and current lovers, they all agree that I have a sexy voice and piercing yet smiling yes (smeyes!). Majority of them agree that I have an impeccable taste and a charming attitude. Furthermore, a recent study under the sheets indicates that I’m of dashing confidence.

Now, let me ask you – why do you think I’m sexy? Comments down below!

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16 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #43

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    1. Aw.. Thank you, B!
      Well, #5 is just my observation.
      As for my friend, I really hope so too.

      As for the bonus, thank you so much. I really appreciate that!
      Cheers B! 🍸

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I found this post to be enjoyable and informative. I am single although I would prefer to have a partner who is my equal, I have difficulty adjusting to relationship drama. Second, my two best friends are males and I truly believe in monogamy.


  2. Appreciate these thoughts of relationships making you shine brighter! I think many guys I’ve known have discussed the worst parts of being male. Confidence, a keen mind, and a desire to improve yourself makes you a sexy individual in my book. Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Theresaly520! So glad to hear from you again!
      Yes, i believe that relationships should be like that. I don’t see the point of staying together If both of you are gonna be miserable together. Sure you have to work together, but if its too much then might as well go on separate ways.

      As for being sexy, thank you so much! I really appreciate that! You’re mighty fine yourself!

      Cheers Theresaly! =)


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