Shoe Collection 2019

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

I remember the last day of work. I was wearing a yellow dress shirt and navy blue trouser with my signature gray sport coat. It was impeccable and a fitting way to spend the last day of my career as a programmer.

But what set apart that outfit, are the shoes. I guessed you’ve already read that I happen to love shoes. And now would be a great time to share with you my shoe collection to date.

Converse Chuck Taylor – a great everyday sneaker, they also double as a cheap lifting shoe. The hard rubber sole offers excellent stability when doing deadlifts and squats. They are also a timeless classic that’s great for everyday casual wear.

Really dirty…

Adidas Samoa – another everyday sneaker that I use to swap out for my Chucks. I like to swap out shoes every other day. It allows the shoe to fully dry from the moisture accumulated throughout the day. I have had this pair for almost 4 years.

Another dirty pair…

Cushe Staycations – this one is my favorite when it comes to everyday casual wear. It’s leather so it is a bit classy and comfy. Too bad Cushe closed, I would love to get my hands on another pair when this one breaks down.

Cushe Staycations

Steve Madden “Seymour” – my ugliest boot to date from the fact that it is pleather. I seldom wear this pair, only on rainy days since I don’t mind it gets ruined. Funny enough the boot is quite resistant and does a good job of keeping my feet dry.


Doc Marten’s “Pier” – my day boot. I usually have a separate outfit for days and evenings. Day outfits comprise of functional clothes while evening outfits are a bit classy. These Doc Martens are robust, functional and casual, making it my go-to day boot.

Day boots

Steve Madden “Orrick” – my go-to evening boots. I pair it with dark wash jeans, a t-shirt, and a jacket; and I’m good to go for a night out with boys. I had the brown one for seven years, I like it so much that I bought another pair in gray.

Love these boots so much!
Same pair of boots, different color

Bristol Shoes “Milton” – the first half of my office shoes. What can I say about this pair of penny loafer, it’s slick and timeless and I love it! I got these from a local brand from Marikina, Bristol Shoes.

Office shoes part one

Bristol Shoes “Maguire” – the second half of my office shoes, another one courtesy of Bristol Shoes. I’m an absolute fan of the brand. These are a pair of double monk straps; it has a leather outsole same as my penny loafers.

Office shoes part two

Steve Madden “Tate” – you can blame the boots for this. The Steve Madden boots lasted me quite a while, that I decided to buy 3 new pairs from them. What I love the ultra-low-cut style of the shoe, that allows so much ankle movement.

Love the textured two-tone design

Steve Madden “Declan2” – another new pair of shoes. I love the silhouette of this shoe although I reserve these pair only for special occasions. You may notice the lack of formal black shoes in here, simply because I don’t have that many formal events to go to. But if ever you plan on inviting me to your wedding or plan to give an award, I’ll make sure to look my best for ya!

I call these the “presidential”

Steve Madden “M-Boxxen” – I love these shoes!!! A bit difficult to maintain though, due to the white outsole. I immediately clean these after I wear it. So, I tend to wear this on casual days that needs to be a bit extra.

High maintenance pair but really looks nice!

Alfani Black Suede “Pike” – the only shoe I regret having. It’s not bad, but I rarely use this pair. I don’t like black as a casual shoe (except for sneakers). It’s a nice shoe from Macy’s, I just don’t wear it as much as the others.


There you have it, that’s all my boots/shoe. I believe that things will last if you take good care of it. Especially now that money it a bit tight, I have no choice but to make things last.

Shoes are fun, and hopefully, I could manage to expand my collection and make them last.

To courage and freedom and great footwear!

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11 thoughts on “Shoe Collection 2019

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  1. Shoes. That’s quite a collection You have. Shoes are so personal, for they walk with us through life. Have you ever worn used shoes?

    One time when I was a po’ po’ PO’ nursing student, I bounced my po’ ass down to the Gu’tdwill. I dunno, my shoes have always been important to me (thanks dad), and about ever 2-5 years I go get me some. That year, I really only had about 3 pair, and one were my ugly nursing shoes; white washed (ugh). At the Gu’twill, I tried on some really nice looking shoes; thought my ankle would break for the crippling instep was so…foreign. Left in 5 minutes after trying on someone else’s shoes (awful); suffered until my first nursing job and three paychecks later.

    Dad had a thing for shoes; Virgo – “Impeccable” – shoe horn in every pair. Mine usually last a decade but…I’m a Cancer; too moody and sulky to mess with shoe horns; tidy piles to precise lines on the shelf…depending.

    Loved the article…I really did. My favorite pair ever were Ecco hiking boots; fit as a glove; walking on a cloud!

    Peace…loved this article!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Ian!
      Yes, I did wore used shoes. Back then when I was still going to college.

      My grampa was I tailor, so I think that is where the influence came from. I remember seeing wooden shoe trees from his house. As for my my first very own shoe, I bought a really crappy pair of driving mocassins back then. Really cheap and really bad quality. So after that, I said to myself I’ll never wear crappy shoes ever again. It was really bad.

      As for my sign, I’m half Gemini, half cancer. Not sure if that tells you something. I still keep the box and organize them in a closet, depending on usage. But I clean them out every month regardless if I use them or not. That way I could do preventive maintenance on some pairs that might be damaged.
      Cheers mate! I always enjoyed your comments! 🍸

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Every time I read your blog about clothing it always puts me in the mind of Elaine Benise from Seinfeld. You know the one in which she had to write a short story for a clothing catalog. All the same I enjoy reading the descriptions.

    Liked by 2 people

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