TMI Tuesday #42

TMI Tuesday and the romantic in you.

Have you ever sent an intimate photo of yourself on accident to the wrong person?

Nope, I try to be careful with that.

Which of these is a caring gesture you would appreciate?

  1. Lover pre-heats or pre-cools your car before you drive off to work.
  2. Lover initiates or consents to a sex act you’ve been wanting to try.
  3. Lover surprises you with a mini vacation or getaway.

My answer would be B. I pride myself of being a self-reliant man. While all options are sweet, a and b are something I could do or give myself. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, it’s just who I am. I’m humble enough to accept but proud enough not to ask. Like the great Marcus Aurelius once said, “A man must stand erect, not be kept erect by others”.

Office romances–hot or not?

There are upsides to it, this reminds me of a long affair I had with L from L’s diary fame. Thou indirect, she was technically my boss. The relationship was great, it’s just one of those “shit happens” kind of thing. Taught me a lot too, one of those bittersweet lessons in life.

To find a romantic mate would you rather use an online dating site or a matchmaker?

Online dating site, hustling, and parenting are overwhelming enough.

Think about this. In a current relationship (e.g., romantic, friendship), are you clinging to pass good times and memories or are you still having good times and making new happy memories? What relationship, if any, is it time to let go of?

This reminds me of Th-anus, the Mad Troll-tan. Some months ago, I was bombarded with anonymous comments, name calling most. Comments telling me I’m shit posting and gay and all sorts of petty remarks. Then he graduated from petty insults to cringey af threats, such as shutting down my blog.

Sensible that I am, I ignored the comments and never approved any of it. I never intend to taint this blog with that kind of pettiness. I don’t want to expose my readers to that kind of attitude. If you have an online persona, I’d publish your comments and let you make a fool out of yourself. But if you’re some guy hiding in anonymity, then I won’t gain anything from you. Simple…

Back to Th-anus, the Mad Troll-tan. I decided to track his IP and to my surprise, it came from my previous workplace. I suddenly had an idea of who it was. It was an old friend, who for unknown reason felt insecure about the sort of success he thinks I’m having. I tried to hold on the good times, only to realize that; that is how he will beat me – through my friendship with him. It is important for friends to challenge each other but if a friend can’t even be happy for you – then better think twice. Friends challenges friends to grow, but petty threats are where I draw the line. I must stop treating him as a friend.

So, Th-anus – why so mad bro?

Bonus: Have you (or your relationship) survived infidelity?

I survive, relationships don’t.

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8 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #42

Add yours

      1. I value frienship deeply, and I figured that it’s those sentiments is where he will beat me.
        I’d be just chill and do my thing.
        Sun Tzu said it best, pick your battles and don’t be petty. =)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wise words, my friend.
        PS. I saw you sent me a DM—but I shut down my Twitter. I didn’t realize just how much data I was using—TMI. HA! I have a limited plan. Didn’t want you think I was ignoring you 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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