A Barbarian’s Guide to Underwear

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

Underwear is sexy, not only for the ladies but also for men. They are also functional; they support your junk and reduce friction. I love showing off in a great pair of underwear. A nice fresh pair can radiate confidence even when clothed. Underwear matters, just because it’s not seen by others doesn’t mean it doesn’t. If we enjoyed seeing women in great and flattering underwear, then why can’t we be in one?

I have an annual shopping spree dubbed as the “annual underwear shopping”. Days before my birthday, I go shopping for underwear along with some new pair of socks and t-shirts. Regardless of how much money I have, I always find a way to buy myself some nice pair of underwear. This has been going for quite some time now and I’m always looking forward to this every year. What can I say? I am a simple man who wants to be a better version of himself, on the streets and underneath the sheets.

Annual Underwear Shopping 2019

If you’re a guy who still happens to own a pair of tidy whiteys with their name written on the elastic, please read on. Great underwear can boost confidence than a tacky “Hulk Smash!” boxer shorts. Self-expression is overrated. Aim to strike the perfect balance between internal and external validation. With that said, I don’t mean to devoid you of expression but rather pursue it in a way that it makes you better.

First off – throw away your nasty underwear. Throw out those with worn-out elastics or those with yellow stains. Do everybody a favor, throw them to the nearest bin and burn those nasty things. I’m not going to tell you to change your pair every six months. But for the love of god, throw away that ratty and nasty underwear you have. The thing is, gentlemen, you’ll never know when you’ll have to strip down in public. No one deserves to see those nasty tidy whiteys, and neither do you. Just because others don’t see it, doesn’t mean it can be the same underwear you’ve been wearing for the last six years. Have some self-respect, wear nice and fresh underwear.

Experiment with different types of underwear. I prefer to wear boxer briefs. It’s all-around great underwear for most guys. Briefs are a great option for thin guys, while boxer shorts are recommended for guys with a bit of a gut. Experiment and figure out what work for your body type.

Be bold in your underwear selection. Underwear is one of the pieces of clothing that a man is free to be bold with. Try out different colors, pattern, and materials and see if you look great on it. Avoid tacky designs or tidy whiteys, you’re a grown man for Christ sake. The goal is to look sexy and attractive, not to look like a boy.

Finally, there is no such thing as too much underwear – always keep your underwear drawer in stock. Always have a fresh pair in hand. There is nothing more frustrating than not having a fresh pair when you needed one. I’m not going to lie, accidents happen – you’ll never know what might happen in a day. There will be some unforeseen mishaps where you must strip in public or a need to change underwear. There’s no shame in that, but one must be prepared in such events.

A clean great fitting underwear can make you confident and sexy. It is a great sign that you have self-respect. You cannot expect me to take you seriously if you wear nasty underwear with holes in it. Can you imagine yourself getting hot and steamy with Sheila from Accounting in those? Ladies comment down below if you like making out with a guy wearing nasty tidy whiteys with piss stains. Do it for Sheila if you can’t do it for yourself.

As for me, being poor doesn’t mean you have to look poor – there is always a way to look nice. A nice pair of underwear doesn’t need to be expensive; they just must be… nice. Many people fall into the price tag mentality, associating quality with its price tag. Underwear needs to be clean, nice and should complement you. I’ll keep on buying nice underwear not because I’m materialistic but I’m self-respecting. And I do believe, all men should be, too.

So, there you have it; my guide to underwear. Throw away your nasty pairs, experiment with various types, color, fabrics and be bold. You can never have enough underwear; it makes you confident and sexy – for you and the ladies. Don’t fall to the self-expression hype and don’t buy into the mentality of “I’m poor so I should look poor”. We men should build ourselves up – admit our mistakes and learn from them. There is nothing sadder than an eternal 14-year-old boy. We must learn to laugh at ourselves but at the same time maintain a level of maturity. And growing up begins with fresh new underwear.

To Strength and Freedom and Clean Underwear!

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29 thoughts on “A Barbarian’s Guide to Underwear

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  1. good advice in a hugely neglected area. just like what we wear on the inside is as important as who we are on the inside too. men who pay attention to this have respect for themselves. well said!

    Liked by 5 people

      1. Its always match you metals and leathers. Black shoes and black belt etc. Belt width also play a role, thinner for formal attire and wider for casual outfits =)


  2. I just happened to notice mine are a little thread bare. Time for some new ones. The Costco has some pretty good ones; snug thigh huggers are great! Boxers…too binding. Commando is only cool on the weekend and around the house. Tidy Whities – There’s a reason we like darker colors at certain ages when, wellllll… the prostate acts up (in 70% of all men). Gotcha…GREAT ADVICE. I need to get me some new self esteem. Men have been taking a few hits lately, and this can be proven. My underwear is quite thin. LOL

    Love this article, Mr. A. Thanks

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I’m sure you can take a dozen selfies until you capture the right pose.. set the timer and strut your sex appeal 😊

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Beauty under, it is the most relevant thing. The internals do need a whiff of freshness from time to time. For they require lot of pampering and eventually when time beckons they do rise up to the occasion.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi sirhanz, I agree one should always stock up on socks too.
      As for the boxer briefs, they’re much accomodating for different body types compare to briefs and boxer shorts.


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