TMI Tuesday #41

What excites you beyond belief?

A lot if you ask me, the idea of building my home gym or any investment prospects. Even a simple trip to the barber or the smell of old paper excites me. In sex, nothing excites me more than seeing my woman in beautiful lingerie. Loving the lovely scent of seduction emanating from her, the feel of her silky hair pulled back. Admiring the full glory of her body, every curve and fold as she kneels in front of me. The sweet taste of her inviting lips and the sound of her soft trembling voice saying “Yes, Master…”, excites me. Her keeping still, waiting to be ravished….

Your significant other has asked you to sleep with his cock in your mouth, what are your first thoughts? Would you say yes or no? Why?

If Pancake, asks me to sleep with my manhood in her mouth? I don’t see any reason why not. The whole idea is to make it work regardless of how silly it sounds. If it’s safe, sane and consensual, then I don’t see any reason why the hell not.

Have you ever had someone sleep with your cock in their mouth?

I did or at least tried to. We ended up having sex instead.

Fill in the blank: Spank _____.

“Spank me harder, till my bum turns red…” she said, trembling…

Write a sexy sentence (or two) and use the phrase ‘harness of rope’.

“I sat in awe as I witness the glory that is her naked flesh, the bounty of her bosom and the breadth of her hips. The beads of sweat and the heaving of her chest are a lovely spectacle to my eyes. I lay in utter admiration of the temptation intertwined with a harness of rope that lies before me. I sat there, adoring the beauty of my handiwork…”

Bonus: Who do you laugh and play with more often– your friends or your significant other?


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16 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #41

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      1. Oh gosh—good to go good to come home. Some growing pains—cathartic but good. I posted—wrote a little story about it. Whew. And…experimenting with more video—recorded a poem too! Let me know your thoughts—should I keep recording?
        How are you? Love theses stories. Pancake is lucky indeed! And so are you! Keep on loving and giggling!!!

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