TMI Tuesday #40

Of Jellos and naked flesh, it’s TMI Tuesday again!

How many sexual partners do you currently have?

Just one. =)

Do you have any sexy secret kinks you have not told a current lover, and why are you so secretive?

  1. I don’t want to do my kinks with my current partner
  2. Partner would be shocked
  3. Partner may get upset
  4. I have no secrets

I try not to keep secrets to Pancake as much as I could.

Have you ever been naked in public? (e.g., nude beach, nudist camp, randomly)

  1. Yes – loved it
  2. Yes – but would not do it again
  3. No – but would consider it
  4. No – would not ever do that

No – would not ever do that. I’m not sure anyone would love to see me naked. I mean, I’m confident about my body just not sure anyone would be dying to see it.

When at home I prefer to be:

  1. Naked
  2. Dressed


Would you rather wrestle naked in a pool of Jello or chocolate pudding?


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3 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #40

Add yours

  1. Niether jello nor chocolate pudding, I am A very Private person, so I would Never be Naked in Public for any reason, even if I had an amazing figure. Which, sadly I do not, like my food too much. 🍲🥗🥣🥪🥫🍪🍩🍰🍜🥡🍦🥧though I do Try to eat healthily most of the time, I like the odd naughty in Moderation.


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